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Meeting your regulatory needs

We help our clients respond to the new competitive environment driven by changing customer expectations requiring new and dynamic behaviours driven by an evolving regulatory environment spearheaded by the consumer duty act.

With our industry expertise, we offer innovative solutions and tailored data solutions. Through our partnership, we empower our clients to navigate regulatory challenges and show them how to deliver outstanding customer-centric outcomes by utilising the latest in transformative technologies including advanced Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins.

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Unlock transformation with the latest technology

Accelerate transformation through the use of AI

With our deep domain knowledge and technical capabilities, NTT DATA leverages AI to offer innovative and efficient solutions to Insurers, including enhanced risk assessment capabilities by analysing vast data sets, leading to improved customer outcomes, accurate premium pricing, and effective fraud detection.

Customer experience is significantly improved with AI-based virtual assistants, offering instant support and efficient customer service, leading to improved compliance, greater customer engagement, and improved satisfaction levels while reducing costs. 


Utilising our technology for deeper insights and engagement

NTT DATA has collaborated with distinguished events throughout Europe, such as Tour de France, Indy car, and The Open, since 2013, enriching spectators' experiences with our cutting-edge technology, providing deeper insights and valuable data.

Collaborating with you to enhance customer satisfaction

Prioritising the customer's needs, NTT DATA partners with life and pensions insurers to enhance customer experiences. By creating user-friendly interfaces for online portals or mobile apps, policyholders can conveniently access their information, file claims, and receive personalised recommendations.

Moreover, the integration of natural language processing enables efficient and interactive customer support through chatbots or virtual assistants, ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer journey.

Securing operational resilience for insurers

Amid the growing frequency and complexity of cyber threats, NTT DATA partners with life and pensions insurers to fortify their cybersecurity defences. By providing comprehensive solutions that identify vulnerabilities, detect, and respond to threats, and safeguard sensitive customer data, NTT DATA helps insurers build trust among their clients and secure their operations from potential cyber risks.

We're different in 3 ways


YoY Growth – 5th Largest GSI


million customers running every part of their lives on our mobile platform


is spent pa on technologies driving increased customer engagement & business processes

Selected Solutions

Embedded Insurance Solution

Smart insurance distribution with Alondra by NTT DATA, bringing system integration, improved agility and control over distribution, thus providing a greater degree of self-management.

Transformation using Global Insurance Digital Platform

Also known as GIDP, a cloud-based, digital platform and partner ecosystem, that provides best-in-class consulting, partnerships, Business Process as a Service, Third-party Administration, and technology to the Life & Annuity Industry.

Innovation Radar – eVA

eVA is an enterprise conversational AI platform for creating and managing virtual agents that can be deployed across a wide variety of digital channels: call centre, website, mobile, chatbots, WhatsApp interactions, Google Home, SMS, etc. It significantly reduces the cost and time required to create virtual agents, improving customer experience.

Data Migration

NTT DATA proposes a unique methodology and data migration decommissioning framework using our global capacities and experience to accelerate your platform consolidation roadmap, reusing knowledge and assets and assuring a high level of performance in terms of time & quality.

Our Insurance Services

CX & Design

Customer Experience

Our focus is on delivering experiences that drive employee engagement, boost customer loyalty, and grow long-term profitability.

Innovation & Strategic Investments


We nurture the process of transforming ideas into something tangible and beneficial for our clients and society as a whole, creating a vision for a sustainable future through technology.

Enterprise Agility

Digital Transformation

We can help businesses leverage technology, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences to stay competitive.

Edge as a service

Emerging Technologies

We leverage cutting-edge technologies with a highly skilled and experienced team to discover trends, envision the future, and turn decision-making into a competitive advantage.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

We solve client challenges in boosting business functions performance with a range of Intelligent Automation services, delivering automation that’s integrated across the enterprise.

Data & Intelligence

Unleash the Power of Data

Our expertise cuts across almost everything we do for our clients, from data-enabled consulting and engineering modern data platforms to data-driven customer experience and data service management.


Cybersecurity Solutions

We work closely with our clients to understand their security needs and develop tailored security plans to address any risks and vulnerabilities.



To help you achieve your goals, we offer a wide range of cloud application and infrastructure consulting, system integration, architecture design and deployment services.

We Are at the Forefront of AI

NTT Data is a global IT services company with dedicated AI division that focuses on developing AI solutions and providing AI-related services to their clients. Implementing AI solutions across industries including as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications. With their domain knowledge and technical capabilities, NTT DATA leverages AI to offer innovative and efficient solutions to UK life and pension insurers.

In-depth Insurance insights, success stories and vision & focus

Our Insurance minisite offers additional in-depth content for you to explore including thought leadership papers, dialogues, and posts covering topics such as business transformation, cloud, cybersecurity, data and intelligence, ESG and regulations and more.

Our extensive Insurance Vision covers new products, orchestrating the ecosystem, ESG integration, and cybersecurity risks whilst our Insurance focus covers omnichannel experiences, data centricity, cloud, simplifying processes and other topics.

We also have a portfolio of our success stories including how NTT DATA successfully implemented cloud solutions, created a new governance model and developed AI-powered systems and low-code portals.


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Our Insurance Segments


General Insurance

We help General providers streamline their business processes and increase operational efficiency and customer experience, whilst giving you the competitive edge and meeting the needs of your customers.


Speciality Insurance

Speciality providers need to streamline their operations, have enhanced security measures in place, and great customer experience whilst keeping up with regulation and compliance requirements. NTT DATA can help you stay competitive and secure in a rapidly-evolving market.


Sanctions Compliance Service

Meet your regulatory requirements and let us help you mitigate risk within your business.

Our Experts

Vaibhav VB Bisen
Vaibhav ‘VB’ Bisen
Head of Life, Pensions & Investment

VB has a breadth of experience spanning over 20 years, with key skills in helping clients manage transformation journeys.

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Ralph Tucker
Ralph Tucker
Client Partner

Ralph brings 25+ years of industry knowledge and digital transformation expertise in the financial services and insurance sector.

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