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Eye to AI.

AI is already changing the business of insurance. From incrementally enhanced customer experience to radically transformed product offerings, the opportunities are exciting. We help the world's leading insurers to thrive by seeing Eye to AI.

"The future of insurance is people and AI working as one. The means changes are coming, both big and small. We've spoke to subject matter experts from across the industry to understand how AI is affecting them and their roles now, and what they see on the horizon. Their unique insights give a snapshot into the lives of those at the forefront of AI in insurance and shine a light on the vast opportunities and the significant changes that insurers need to be thinking about today if they are to excel tomorrow."

Me, Myself & AI.

Jonathan Davis, Data Science Lead at Zurich explores how AI pilot projects are already delivering value, the future of risk management, and the paradigm shift required to get the most out of AI.


Bill Wilson, Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions at NTT DATA delves into the opportunities for integrating novel data sources, the operational impact of AI on insurers, and the practical application of GenAI. 

Penny Jones, Ethical Governance Lead at Zurich shares her experience of building effective AI ethics frameworks to facilitate innovation, identifying and mitigating data risks and preparing for changes to the employee-employer relationship.

Derek McWhinnie, Head of Customer Care at Zurich provides a vision for the future of customer service in insurance where AI provides support, rapid insight and protection, but where the human touch is still vital.

Tariq Surty, IT Director for Retail and Retirement at Legal & General discusses the impact of AI on innovation strategy, the changing role of technologists, and the long-term potential of AI to fundamentally change what insurers do.

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The change is already here. Many insurers have tested AI proofs of concept – the challenge is now one of how to move on from embedding the innovations and delivering tangible results.

On 27th February we hosted a webinar with Jonathan Davis from Zurich and our own NTT DATA experts to discuss the journey so far with AI and how insurers can move from proof of concept to delivering results.

If you would like to know more about how to use AI within your organisation or how NTT DATA can help you, please contact us here.

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