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Embrace the Insurance Digital Transformation

How digitalisation is transforming the insurance industry

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Your Leading Digital Transformation Partner for the UK&I Insurance Industry

Today, insurance markets are evolving into ecosystems and redefining the rules of customer engagement, distribution models and product design. This pressure exists across all aspects of the insurance value chain and is being driven by traditional brokers and carriers, new market entrants and an expanding field of InsurTech innovators. As a result, stakeholders need both vision and actionable strategies to adapt.

These strategies must account for the process, compliance, technical and human aspects of change in order to be successful. Our focused insurance IT services accelerate digital transformation by bringing the experienced design thinking, strategy, platform modernisation, compliance and organisation change management skills required to ensure outcomes and maximise the value of these initiatives.

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While the increasing trend of leveraging data and technology has seen new competitors emerge, this has also provided both challenges, as well as opportunities for brokers and insurers with the vision to adapt. By using digital and going on the offensive, players can act with agility and respond quickly to market demands.

Contact our dedicated insurance team today to discover how we are helping the market to adapt strategies to remain competitive. Our insights, partner relationships and insurance industry knowledge will help you understand what best in class looks like and how to adapt it for your business to deliver your goals.

Our Insurance Segments


General Insurance

We help General insurers streamline their business processes and increase operational efficiency and customer experience, whilst giving you the competitive edge and meeting the needs of your customers.


Speciality Insurance

Speciality insurers need to streamline their operations, have enhanced security measures in place, and great customer experience whilst keeping up with regulation and compliance requirements. NTT DATA can help you stay competitive and secure in a rapidly-evolving market.


Sanctions Compliance Service

Meet your regulatory requirements and let us help you mitigate risk within your business.


Life and Pensions

We help Life and Pension providers implement modern digital solutions, utilise data and analytics to better serve their customers and improve performance.

Improving data processing

At NTT DATA, we understand the importance of efficient data processing.

We partner with insurance companies to help them improve their data processing capabilities and enhance operational efficiency to drive better business outcomes. Our custom solutions can automate manual data entry tasks, reduce errors, and speed up data processing times, resulting in improved accuracy and productivity.

customer experience depends on the power of data

Providing total transparency

We believe in transparency as a core value of our partnership. At NTT DATA we prioritise open and honest communication, working with you to help you understand and manage the task at hand. By putting clients first, we build trust with you, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality services and helping clients make informed decisions whilst partnering with you to meet your goals.

Implementing cyber resilience

We work closely with our clients to understand their security needs and develop tailored security plans to address any risks and vulnerabilities. Security is a top priority for us and we take every precaution to ensure our clients’ data and systems are protected.

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NTT DATA are a leader and star performer

NTT DATA was named as a global leader and star performer for life & annuity applications and digital services.

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NTT DATA has the diversity and reach to tackle any challenge in any market. We actively explore advanced technologies to respond to shifting customer needs and regulatory changes whilst also acting as your strategic partner in achieving your business ambitions.

NTT DATA helped our leadership team to understand their role in driving agile transformation throughout the business.

Robert Jamieson, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer, L&G

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Profile picture of David Brooks, UK Practice Leader, Insurance at NTT DATA
David Brooks
Head of Insurance

David is an experienced leader with a career spanning more than 35 years growing businesses with the last 15 years focussed on the insurance industry

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Deborah Bale
Head of General Insurance, NTT DATA UK&I

Responsible for General Insurance & Broking, Deborah is people focused with a passion for building strong relationships with colleagues and clients.

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Richard White
Head of Speciality Insurance, NTT DATA UK&I

Richard delivers transformational tech and BPO solutions, recently leading sales and customer engagement for the JV and London Markets modernisation.

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Vaibhav ‘VB’ Bisen
Head of Life, Pensions & Investment

VB has a breadth of experience spanning over 20 years, with key skills in helping clients manage transformation journeys.

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