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Technology should serve your organisational and customer needs, not the other way round.

There are more solutions available today than ever before, but your organisation’s technology needs are unique.

With the help of emerging technologies, organisations scale on demand, are more flexible, reduce infrastructure investments and act faster and more securely.

That’s why we offer a range of emerging technology solutions, from designing, building, testing, maintaining and improving applications, to orchestrating cloud infrastructure and managing in-house services with an ecosystem of best-in-class partners. 

We combine DevOps and platform engineers, developers, data scientists, integration specialists, architects and security experts, for excellence in continuous agile delivery.

We are guided by our heritage of shaping the world’s most advanced technologies into elegant experiences.

Together with you, we create solutions that are sustainable and scalable, to deliver a brighter future for your organisation.

Technologies that once seemed niche or too specialized for mainstream adoption often mature quickly and impact the business world in a way that once seemed unimaginable – take the Internet, for example.

Those organizations that can see beyond the early hype that often surrounds emerging technologies will be first to identify new market opportunities, launch innovative ventures and products, and extract more value from the disruption that emerging technologies often cause.

NTT DATA has many years of experience helping our clients do just that. We take a practical approach and focus on how we can help clients  improve their business results by taking advantage of emerging technologies and adding value through new ecosystems, service models and solutions.

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Emerging Technologies


Immersive technologies enable people to experience, engage and interact both directly with complex systems and with other human participants working with, or influencing these same systems, including colleagues, business partners and customers


In combination with other disruptive technologies such as IoT or XR, 5G mobile networks are already creating exciting new opportunities for enterprises to launch innovative products and services that leverage the unique speed and latency benefits of 5G and expand their role in the value chain.


Artificial Intelligence makes products smarter and helps humans make better decisions, but given the bewildering number of application areas, it can be difficult for businesses to understand how they can harness the power of AI to deliver business value while respecting regulatory and ethical considerations.

Low Code

Low-code development platforms have revolutionized and democratized the way software is delivered by requiring little to no coding, encouraging involving non-programmers to get involved in software development. Complexity and time-to-market are reduced, integration is made easier, and businesses can create more innovative products and services.


The Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize a wide range of economic activities by equipping physical assets, devices, buildings and other objects with sensors and intelligence so they can understand what’s around them, communicate with humans and systems and, if required, take decisions and act autonomously.


Blockchain is about much more than just digital currencies. Because a blockchain provide a tamper-proof way to record transactions, it is suited to a wide range of applications in finance, business and government, from trade finance and regulatory compliance, to identity management, accounting and supply chain management.

Selected Solutions


Naka is a virtual platform that offers the scalability, security and flexibility required by enterprise-class XR applications, including immersive custom training scenarios, collaborative environments and virtual showrooms.


Dedalow is a flexible, low-code solution to develop complex cloud native applications delivering real and clear code able to be deployed on any devops architecture. It speeds up and make more efficient the development life cycle while keeping full control of the technology stack. It accelerates Time to Market and boosts any cloud migration or digital transformation strategy.


Dolffia is an AI-based document processing platform that automatically classifies a wide range of document types and extracts the salient information they contain at speed and with high levels of accuracy.

Workspace optimization & Booking: Habität

Habität is an online workspace booking and monitoring tool that uses proprietary sensors to monitor and manage the actual use made of office space, so allowing rental and energy costs to be optimized.

5G App Framework

5G App Framework is a flexible, modular, and programmable environment that allows to create new 5G services and features, while accelerating development and reducing costs. It will speed-up the building, testing and delivery of high-performance and low-latency services for the most demanding users in many different industry sectors.


KayTrust is a trusted platform that allows you to manage the digital identities of your customers in a safe, reliable, and end-to-end manner based on the SSI (self sovereign identity) concept.


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Analyst Recognitions

Leader in Nelson Hall NEAT Report for Digital Experience Consulting Services

Leader in the Everest Group Open Banking IT Services PEAK® Matrix Assessment 2020

Top 10 provider of Agile Software Development support services by HFS Research

Leader in Everest Group’s BFS Risk and Compliance IT Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2020

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How does NTT DATA engage with FinTechs? What is the impact of transformational technologies on financial services? What are the similarities between the UK and Japanese FinTech ecosystems? Find the answers in this podcast featuring NTT DATA's Roberto Belloví and Tom Winstanley.

Transforming UHL: Patient-First Pledge

Revitalising NHS Trust‘s IT to put patients first. NTT DATA has helped UHL safely transform their mission-critical IT platforms allowing then to deliver better care.

Our Tech Academy

The central idea behind the Tech Academy initiative is that it is open to everyone. We are not looking for participants to have any prior qualifications – that’s what the Academy is for. Through a combination of digital and face-to-face teaching from specialists, we enhance passion, ambition and skill.




Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020 in Spain

TechMarketView Growth Star

Experiential Marketing Award at the Sport Industry Awards 2020

Outstanding Innovation for use of artificial intelligence in sport


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