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Glassbox delivers frictionless digital journeys

The Glassbox digital experience analytics platform provides a complete view of all customer interactions across mobile and web platforms, so you can create frictionless digital journeys.

Record and capture every moment of every user session on every platform, with no tagging required. Visualise how users interact with websites and mobile apps to understand the whole customer experience.

It’s better for customers: Use behavioural insights to create frictionless digital journeys and build a better experience.

It’s also better for business: Measure the financial benefits of every change to the customer journey, understand which journeys are the most important and prioritise them.

Thanks to Glassbox, we are now able to record each and every customer action from our site. Using analytics, funnels and associated data, we are able to reach intelligent conclusions on customer behaviour and have a continuous improvement action plan in place to ensure we continue to evolve and meet the needs of our customers.

Ofer Goldberg
Head of Digital Services R&D, Visa CAL

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