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The challenges our clients are facing

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Supply Chain

"We think we’re secure, but not sure about our business partners."

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"How do we compared against our industry peers."

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"We don’t have the in-house skills or bandwidth."

How exposed is your company to the internet?

As extended supply chains create ever more complex IT ecosystems, it’s increasingly difficult to monitor your external exposure and associated threats. Which means you and your supply chain vendors are at risk from a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, as well as from failure to comply with increasingly stringent data privacy and security mandates.
Increased infrastructure increases cyber threats

Make the invisible visible

Our Cybersecurity Posture Evaluation provides you with visibility of the information your organisation is exposing to the internet, along with intelligence about your business collected from the dark web. This comprehensive data provides insight into aspects such as security posture, supply chains, patching cadence and peer posture comparison, offering replicable, scalable and actionable insights into cybersecurity threats that may remain hidden in complex IT ecosystems.
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How it works

You will receive an easy-to-understand, contextualised report aligned to your industry and business. Using industry trusted, transparent ratings, it will offer an exposure view of your network, clearly showing your business’s current exposure profile, highlight specific areas for improvement and provide a comparison of your business posture compared to other businesses in the same industry. Our security experts will map these against the MITRE framework, then walk you through the key report findings and give you immediate feedback on critical issues and recommend possible fixes.
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What you get with NTT DATA Cybersecurity Posture Evaluation

Industry Research

NTT DATA’s Cybersecurity Posture Evaluation report will give you an immediate insight into how your business compares in the industry, and also allows you to spot critical issues and quick fixes.

  • Security State comparison to peers
  • Up to Date industry threat research
  • NTT Threat Intelligence incorporated
Risk assessment

During the call, our security specialists will provide you with easy-to-digest report metrics, highlighting areas for improvement and potential risks based on the research findings and historical data.

  • Creating easy to understand report metrics that are easy to understand, highlighting critical areas
  • Identifying, analysing, evaluating posture and exposure
  • Historical Monitoring and Advice
Analysing and Contextualising Data

Feeling confused by all the data? Our security experts will walk you through the key report findings, map them against the MITRE framework and give you immediate feedback on all critical issues and quick fixes.

  • Correlation of findings with industry threat
  • MITRE Threat Taxonomy mapping
  • Easy identification of critical issues and quick fixes
Planning and Prioritisation

Based on our analysis, the current industry threats and identified vulnerabilities our experts will recommend prioritised activities with a supporting plan.

  • Providing recommendation and remediation plan
  • Monitoring and reporting on historic change and mitigation activity

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Your organisation’s online security is not something that should be left to chance. So for a limited time and availability we’re offering a complimentary Cybersecurity Posture Evaluation report, book a consultation with our cybersecurity experts now.
No two organisations are the same. So we will tailor the security report to your company’s unique security requirements, based on factors such as industry sector and online exposure. Each report comes with an executive summary - easy to digest and perfect for identifying security issues to your executive leadership and board. Beyond the executive summary it provides the relevant details for asset owners and operational teams to improve your company’s security posture and validate the progress made to date.

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  2. We will then contact you to book a slot for an evaluation of your own company’s security posture during which a security specialist will do a 45 minute walk-through of the results and recommended remedial actions.
  3. You will be left with your own copy of the report, its findings and recommendations for action by your security team.
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