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Deliver value for today and competitive advantage for tomorrow, through an alliance with NTT DATA and Cisco

Tackling challenges, unleashing potential, and delivering results

We work with you to ensure you realize the outcomes and value you need right now, and the competitive advantage for tomorrow. For over 30 years, leading organizations around the world have turned to Cisco and NTT DATA to help them tackle challenges, unleash potential and deliver results. They rely on our exceptional partnership – best-of-breed NTT DATA services and Cisco technology solutions – and a shared commitment to unlocking long-term success.

Together, we provide the services and technologies organizations need to accelerate transformation in every industry and on every continent.

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awards for innovation, leadership and best practice

We needed support in designing the best solutions and choosing the technology. We appreciate the dedication and personal commitment of the NTT DATA team, who coordinated many implementations in a very short time.

Pawe Miodek
DT Service Delivery Manager HEINEKEN

Client Success Stories


Discover how HEINEKEN relocated shared services to Poland and transitioned their contact center to the cloud, enhancing collaboration, and promoting work-life balance for employees across all offices.

New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport

NZCIS needed a cutting-edge sports campus for athletes and sports teams to reach peak performance, enable digitally driven revenue streams and data-rich value-added services.

WWK Versicherungen

WWK has converted their entire software licensing environment to a subscription model. Their new Cisco Enterprise Agreement provides a licensing solution that provides better flexibility and cost flexibility


Discover how we deployed a series of gateways to connect sensors and meters to LoRaWAN, enabling real-time insights into water delivery, ensuring sustainable supply both now and in the future.


NTT DATA wins 30 awards at Cisco Partner Summit 2023

Awards in recognition of our innovation, leadership and best practices as a Cisco partner.
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NTT DATA and Cisco: an innovative, future-proof partnership

Dilip Kumar, NTT DATA’s Global Chief Digital Officer discusses how we’ve now only one of four Cisco global partners with 11 or more Cisco Powered Services specializations.
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Clean water is the lifeblood of smart cities

IoT and edge computing, supported by fast, reliable networks, are key to the revolution in urban management that’s creating smart cities around the world.
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Digital transformation and industry expertise: NTT DATA’s winning combination

Against the backdrop of Cisco Live Las Vegas, we explain the value of our Technology Solutions and industry-focused approach.
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Our solutions with CISCO

Comprehensive IT Service Portfolio

A full stack of IT services, including strategic consulting, industry expertise, application development, cloud platforms, networking, cybersecurity, and managed services.

Transformative multi-technology solutions

Together, we engage in strategic conversations to optimize your software investments, improve return on investment (ROI) and help you make informed decisions.

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