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Shaping The Future of Sport

Game changing innovation

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Cutting edge technologies and data analytics have been transforming how athletes perform for years. These sporting innovations are now being built upon to expand further than performance to revolutionise the fan experience too, while enabling sports businesses to open up new revenue streams, and become more profitable.

While the past 18 months has presented unexpected and unprecedented challenges for the entire sporting world, it’s also seen these sporting innovations rapidly advanced and implemented, propelling sports businesses into the future. As sports adapted to meet health protocols and enable fixtures and tournaments to continue throughout the pandemic, fan engagement with sport had to similarly evolve.

Technology has been at the forefront of enabling sports to overcome challenges created by the pandemic, allowing fans to return to stadiums and live events as fast, and as safely, as possible. Not only has this improved business prospects for sports organisations but technology has also played a pivotal role in reenergising the fan experience. While advances have been made in recent years, in terms of fan experience, this has been accelerated in the past 18 months, with digital innovations enabling fans to get closer to the sports they love.

Enhancing live sport with Back2BigEvents

Technological advancements in the sporting world are now enabling more secure, safe, and efficient attendance at live events – all working to improve the fan experience and increase profitability.

Implementations initially developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help sports organisations continue to compete in leagues and tournaments while abiding by government guidelines and restrictions, are now being used to enhance live sporting events.

While at the beginning of the pandemic plans were devised to enable professional sport to continue - whether that meant postponing seasons until the right health measures were in place, or cancelling tournaments altogether, it took longer for organisations to work out how to get fans back in the stadiums without putting them at risk. To bring fans back would require investment in new digital solutions, and not every business was able to afford the resources to accelerate the return of fans.

Back2BigEvents was conceived as an answer to the problem many sports businesses faced. Designed as a solution to enable live sporting events to continue, while also ensuring that spectators are adequately protected during their time in the stadium, Back2BigEvents is a combination of three innovative technologies which help sports businesses save time and costs, while also ensuring total security. The technologies included as part of the Back2BigEvents solution include a BioBarcode, Indoor Navigation and Contact Tracing with Tracking. 

Evolving live sport and the fan experience with Kirari!

Kirari! is an ultra-realistic technology for recreating the entirety of sporting arenas in real time. The technology enables the transmission and reproduction of live sport to realistically recreate the performances of athletes in far-away sporting arenas, as well as replicating the spaces and environments in which the athletes find themselves, in alternative venues. For example, a table tennis tournament happening live in the city could be captured and broadcast anywhere in the world via low latency data transmission, whether that be in a remote location or a venue overseas. The same would apply for any indoor event such as ballet, badminton, karate and more. This allows audiences across the world to enjoy matches and competitions, played in arenas and stadiums far away, through holographic projection and high quality replication of the stadium sound.

Shaping The Future of Sport

The partnerships we form with sports businesses is enabling them to engage with fans at a closer level than ever before.

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