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Mon, 08 July 2024

The Game-Changing Role of Generative AI in Enhancing Sports Fan Experiences

Like every industry, the sports industry has been witnessing a significant transformation thanks to the integration of GenAI. This technological evolution is not just about enhancing player performance; it's revolutionising how fans engage with sport. From personalised content creation to immersive fan engagement, GenAI is at the forefront of redefining the sports landscape.

One key area in which GenAI is making a mark is in the personalisation of fan experiences. By leveraging algorithms that model audience preferences and behaviours, sports organisations can now offer customised experiences to their fans, making every interaction more relevant and engaging. This level of personalisation not only enhances fan satisfaction, but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation through targeted advertising and promotions.


Generating Unforgettable Experiences

The success of any event hinges on the quality of the fan experience. With GenAI, the potential for technology to enhance these experiences is extraordinary. One striking example is the GenAI powered digital human, Lottie, developed by NTT DATA and showcased at golf’s original Championship, The Open.

Debuting at last year’s Open Championship in Liverpool, Lottie represents the future of spectator sport and customer service. It sets the new standard for fan engagement by delivering a blend of real-time insights and updates from the golf course, enriched by statistical data and a deep understanding of the sport's rules and history. This creates a dynamic experience that both educates and entertains through a unified conversational interface powered by advanced GenAI.

Now, in its second year, NTT DATA is unveiling an enhanced version of Lottie. With a new visual representation with more human-like movements (including a new golf swing). In the back end, use of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) architectures improves response times, and ensures Lottie returns accurate and relevant information while merging real-time and static data into a single conversation. This multi-modal approach to GenAI technology highlights the latest advancements from NTT DATA, setting a new standard for how digital humans like Lottie can transform the fan experience.


GenAI Outside of the Arena

Of course, NTT DATA's expertise in GenAI extends far beyond the sports sector, impacting numerous industries and organisations. A prime example is our collaboration with L'Oréal, where we co-created Lore, a virtual digital assistant designed to revolutionise e-commerce and social commerce.

Lore utilises NTT DATA’s conversational AI platform, eva, integrating the latest OpenAI innovations to deliver personalised customer interactions with human-like fluency. This technology enables Lore to make tailored beauty product recommendations and provide comprehensive customer support, showcasing NTT DATA's deep knowledge and expertise in GenAI technology.

The success of these innovations hinges on the availability of high-quality data, manipulated by an organisation that can do so at speed. NTT DATA prides itself on its data gathering and manipulation capabilities. With good data, and exceptional capabilities our sport activations are world class.


The Future of Fan Engagement

As is the case for most industries, shifting towards GenAI is crucial for sports organisations aiming to maximise revenue and fan enjoyment. It won’t be long before GenAI transforms sports engagement through innovative applications like autogenerated commentary, real-time digital augmentations, and unparalleled live statistics.

Taking this to the next level, imagine a golf or football tournament where, based on data insights, like that which NTT DATA’s famed ShotView produces, your favourite players, commentators, or even celebrities provide personalised commentary, making the experience uniquely engaging. Think Hideki Matsuyama or Lee Trevino commenting on The Open Championship feed you wish to watch, or Serena Williams unpacking your Wimbledon questions. 

As the sports industry continues to embrace the possibilities offered by GenAI, the future of sports fan engagement looks promising. With continuous advancements in AI technology, the goal is to create more meaningful, connected, and personalised events, ultimately revolutionising the way sport is watched and enjoyed worldwide, both in-person and at home.

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