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Fri, 28 June 2024

Driving the Future Together: NTT DATA and BMW’s Expanding Horizons

Few organisations in the automotive sector are as renowned globally for their quality and luxury as BMW. Synonymous with innovation and excellence, BMW consistently sets the standard for premium cars with cutting-edge technology and design. At NTT DATA, we've been proud to stand alongside BMW for over 30 years as a trusted global innovation partner.

Our dynamic alliance has not only driven groundbreaking advancements but also set new standards. Our journey together has been one of continuous innovation and digital transformation. We are collaborating globally and driving forward IT projects and innovations.

This long-standing relationship exemplifies how two industry leaders can push boundaries and drive forward-thinking solutions together. The partnership has blossomed over the past 30+ years, and this has been further highlighted by our sponsorship of the BMW International Open over the past four years. As Germany's most prestigious golf tournament approaches, we reflect on our progress and recent advancements across both organisations.


Reflecting on NTT DATA and BMW's Checkpoints Over the Past Year

As we look back on the past year, it's clear that significant achievements and innovative strides have marked the partnership between NTT DATA and BMW.

Firstly, we are pleased to say that we have significantly enhanced the efficiency of BMW Group's global network and data centre through managed services. NTT DATA has improved service quality, operational stability, and innovation by deploying automation solutions and advanced analytics. Efforts included automating server deployments and diagnosing network errors with 99% accuracy, which enabled BMW to focus on strategic IT projects. This partnership has resulted in an infrastructure platform that aligns with BMW's cloud-first strategy and ensures a reliable, high-performance network and server environment.

Alongside this, NTT DATA has enhanced BMW Group's websites by implementing advanced technology and DevOps methodologies, improving usability and customer experience. Utilising the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), NTT DATA has optimised BMW's online presence, ensuring fast access to information and easy product ordering. This collaboration supports BMW's goal of creating a seamless and personalised user experience across its digital platforms, strengthening customer loyalty and engagement.

Similarly, another project which has recently been implemented to further improve seamless user experiences is the introduction of a global Personal eSIM solution in Germany and France called Ubigi. The implementation provides more flexibility for customers to enable premium connectivity features and enables even more digital content in the BMW fleet.

Since 2021, NTT DATA has also continued as a partner of the BMW Innovation Hub in Dingolfing. As BMW Group’s largest vehicle production site in Europe, the Innovation Hub provides a secure development and testing area close to production for topics such as Smart Factory, 5G, artificial intelligence or big data applications. Just recently, we also participated in the BMW Innovation Challenge at the Innovation Hub, which offered a competition for students to provide creative solutions for real problems.


More recently, we were thrilled to announce a joint venture between BMW and NTT DATA Romania, which marked a significant milestone in our collaboration. This venture, aimed at developing and operating business IT solutions, underscores our mutual dedication to spearheading digital transformation and process optimisation on a global scale. By combining BMW's automotive leadership with NTT DATA's technological prowess, we are set to create IT solutions that not only advance the automotive industry but also have the potential to revolutionise every industry.

Alongside these important developments in our collaboration, we focus on strategic initiatives for GenAI, Software Defined Vehicles and Smart Factories. These topics and more will be part our annual technology showcase, the NTT DATA R&D Forum, later this year in Tokyo.


Innovation on the Green – How NTT DATA Drives Data Further at the BMW International Open

This year, I'm thrilled to share that NTT DATA has renewed its role as the Main Partner and official Technology and Innovation Partner of the BMW International Open - a staple of German golf since it began in 1989.

Our renewed sponsorship underscores our deep and enduring partnership with BMW and is a prime example of how we work together to drive innovation beyond the automotive sector. This is the fourth year that we've partnered with the event, and we're pleased to once again take fan engagement with the game to new heights.  

The NTT DATA Wall, located in the heart of the fan village, will return to

Deliver real-time insights and live broadcasts. For the first time, stunning 3D photorealistic graphics will be added for an enhanced viewing experience. Fans who aren't onsite can also immerse themselves in the action with online dynamic leaderboards, player stats, and AI-driven analysis that keeps them informed and engaged throughout the tournament.

But that's not all – NTT DATA is also introducing a fun, AI-powered photo booth in the spectator village. This interactive feature lets fans create personalised photos with their favourite players, adding a memorable and entertaining element to their experience.

This exciting initiative highlights the innovative collaboration between NTT DATA and BMW, showcasing how technology can enhance the thrill of the game for fans both on and off the course.


Embracing the Future of Mobility and Beyond

As we move forward, our partnership is poised to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by the future of mobility. With NTT DATA's expertise in cutting-edge technologies and BMW's legacy of automotive excellence, we're exploring new frontiers in smart transportation, sustainability, and digital integration. Our joint efforts are not just about enhancing operational efficiency or consumer experiences; they're about shaping the future of how we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

Moreover, the lessons learned and technologies developed through our collaboration have far-reaching implications. From enhancing business operations with data analytics to integrating advanced digital solutions across different sectors, the potential applications of our joint innovations are limitless.

As we continue to build on our rich history of collaboration, NTT DATA and BMW are more committed than ever to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our partnership, rooted in a shared passion for innovation and excellence, is a powerful force for change.

Together, we continue to redefine the limits of digital transformation, reinforcing why NTT DATA remains the trusted technology partner for industry leaders worldwide.

The BMW International Open takes place from the 4th – 7th  July 2024. 

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