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Wed, 31 May 2023

Women in Insurance: The importance of networks, groups, and mentoring

Here at NTT DATA, we have been delighted to witness a boost in women looking to the insurance market to kickstart their careers.

When we look at the agenda for equality in the workplace, we must highlight the huge steps that have been taken in recent years - especially within the technology sector - to work towards gender parity. Here at NTT DATA, we have been delighted to witness a boost in women looking to the insurance market to kickstart their careers.

More than that, progress is being made at the C-suite level, with some reports finding that women in insurance-industry board roles are up to 29%. Whilst these figures show a move in the right direction, there’s still a long way to go on the journey to achieve workplace gender balance, particularly within the insurance sector. 

Our commitment to gender balance

Diversity is essential to producing different perspectives. By fostering female inclusion and leadership in the industry, insurers can harbour the critical untapped sources of talent and benefit our organisations.

As part of our various Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives at NTT DATA, it’s been an honour to partner with the 30% Club to work towards increasing female representation at senior leadership levels. We are proud of the progress we have made throughout our almost eight years of partnership, especially through the introduction of the cross-company mentorship programme that is particularly close to our hearts. By creating structures that ensure female talent can make connections and gain access to opportunities, we have built on our ongoing commitment to DE&I at NTT DATA.

Alongside our sponsorship of the 30% Club, we continue to build our Women in Business Network: introducing new initiatives and targets year on year. The forum hosts events and discussions to increase the profile of women in the industry. In addition, 2023 marks the third year of the Women in Tech Academy at NTT DATA. In collaboration with Route2Work, we continue to annually sponsor 30 places dedicated to women for training in key digital skills.

We also partner with Women in Data to contribute to its initiative to increase women’s profiles in our industry, hire new talent and make a difference to our communities. We share WiD’s belief in the importance of gender parity and diversity in the data industry and strive to champion the voices of women across our organisation. Just recently, we made our first hire through the WiD network, which we were delighted to announce.

Encouraging women in insurance

NTT DATA has a strong heritage in the insurance sector, which is an integral part of our growth strategy. Over the past six months, our insurance team has rapidly grown and we’ve been working closely with partners and clients to guide on the insurance industry's digital transformation. As we continue on with this digital transformation of the London insurance market, hiring and retaining women in insurance has never been more important.

In support of our talent at NTT DATA, we are members of the Insurance Supper Club (ISC), which helps to build a network of women in insurance and grow their careers. It’s important to us both personally and professionally to bring together aspiring and senior women in insurance and to provide them with the support and guidance to ensure they can achieve their potential.

On top of offering a social environment where you can become part of an inspiring group of women, the Supper Club offers technical skills workshops and forums for professional development. Whether it’s sharing ways to overcome challenges or offering personal advice and guidance, the club offers our female professionals a great opportunity to be part of a diverse and accessible environment for all.

At NTT DATA, it is important to us that our aspiring insurance practice colleagues are provided with a safe space to approach senior women and seek honest and constructive feedback on their careers and the industry as a whole. We feel incredibly proud of our continuing partnership with ISC and look forward to hosting more events at NTT DATA in the near future.

Building on our initiatives

Across our organisation, we want to continue to build towards gender parity in all areas of business. If you’re looking to join a company that prioritises DE&I networks and projects, consider applying for one of our current vacancies: https://uk.nttdata.com/unleash-the-power.

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