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Fri, 21 January 2022

How can businesses make the most of SAP ERP HCM?

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) / SAP ERP Human Resources (HR)

Before I start, let’s clear up some terminology. Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resources (HR) are rather generic terms and often used synonymously. In this context, we consider HCM and HR as SAP applications. HR is SAP’s original, on Premise, HR application developed some 20 years ago. Extra functionality was later added and HR was renamed HCM.  SAP then purchased cloud-based SuccessFactors for human resource management. Merging SuccessFactors and HCM functionality gave birth to Human Experience Management (HXM). Both HCM and HXM solutions are currently available.

Although now rather mature, SAP HCM it is still going strong with thousands of worldwide users and apparently supported to at least 2030. HCM is the focus of this topic.

Some may think we have come to the party a little late; I like to think we are fashionably late.

As businesses navigate the transition from ‘human management’ to ‘people management’, HCM has become increasingly important in human resource processes. HCM application plays a vital role in organising a plethora of management and administrative functions. These functions are relevant for personnel administration, payroll accounting, travel management and more.

What are the challenges that come with HR systems?

Human resource systems are the lifeblood of many businesses. They keep processes running smoothly, cutting down on inefficiencies and ultimately supporting the growth of the enterprise. Just as there are some considerable benefits to these systems, there are also certain challenges that come with it. Many of these stem from issues with system integration, difficulties in managing data complexity, but specifically with HCM - limited reporting options.

To help HCM users break into the 21st century, at NTT we have redefining the art of “What’s possible” with our new innovative HCM Analytic Content solution. Our HCM Analytic Content offering is hugely advantageous as it integrates into the latest reporting technologies benefitting from mobile and predictive functionality, thus gaining further insight and other possibilities.


With more than two decades of experience in SAP solutions, NTT DATA UK fully understands the struggles that businesses can face to maximise the value of these systems. NTT’s HCM Analytic Content is built from the ground up. Designed to cut through the complexity of HCM and offer organisations a new streamlined route to utilise the latest generation of visualisation tools such as PowerBI or SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

Our brand-new solution, never seen before, has the needs of today’s user in mind. Complexity is kept to a minimum whist the simple interfaces offers rich insight. It requires no middleware, not even NetWeaver, nor does it require SAPGUI. However, part of the solution requires custom access to a HANA database. Either on-premise or cloud, effectively catering to whichever platform best suits the business on its digital transformation journey.

HCM analytics powerbi example

NTT’s HCM Analytic Content can deliver high-value, real-time results. It utilises the HCM Infotype paradigm, so it is extensible against any HCM infotype functionality. Everything from organisational assignments to data for starters, leavers, absences, etc.

Crucially, reporting clients like SAC and PowerBI connect directly into the HANA database. This means data is read in real time and never stored externally. Each visualisation is independently optimized to receive only the necessary data. In sum, this creates a new standard for reporting on HCM, providing high-value visualisation of key areas like insights, forecasting, and data quality – ready to inform decision-making right across the organisation.

HCM: then, now and tomorrow

Whilst it may be more than 20 years old, HCM can be considered one of the best human resource systems for managing people processes. Over the years, HCM has brought a wave of benefits for businesses but somehow lacked the necessary reporting functionality. Now, with the possibility of wrapping HCM reporting with a completely new and modern visual, it can be viewed in a completely different light, that offers new tangible benefits, never been seen before, to help drive business growth.

As such, NTT DATA will also continue to lead the way in providing innovative and user-friendly SAP solutions. HCM Analytic Content is the first of many more to come.

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