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Managing radical transformation and adoption

Transforming an organisation means bringing radical change across the business, from customers and partners to technology and service management. Change is now a constant and the rapid pace is often too complex for traditional programmes to deliver what’s needed. We believe an agile approach leads to sustainable change and adoption.

To do this, we:

  • Define and quantify business benefits to enable strategic decision-making
  • Initiate the programme; plan and manage adoption by defining measures upfront to monitor results through the transformation
  • Create an agile culture to deliver change projects by bringing the most effective techniques, from technology change to business transformation

We help set up and deliver full transformations whilst ensuring business as usual impacts are minimised. Using data, we plan and measure activities through the transformation process, so you can take advantage of quick wins as well as benefit from longer-term business and technology changes.

Planning operational strategy and refining operating models

Our clients achieve increased value through our help in proactively searching for and responding to opportunities and threats. We translate corporate and business objectives into effective plans fit for efficient delivery. We believe that a strategy is only as effective as the value delivered and measured through execution.

To do this, we:

  • Define a new vision that brings creativity to new operating scenarios
  • Set strategic objectives by focusing on what the end goal is, with a competitive edge and roadmap to guide the delivery
  • Create a target operating model by identifying a new way to work and designing a simple, efficient approach to deliver that

These initial activities feed directly into practical steps to help you plan and deliver the transformation to your business in as agile a manner that works for you and your customers.

Accelerating growth through technology strategy and architecture

The sheer pace of technological change and its ability to disrupt existing business models has never been more evident. We help shape technology strategies and enterprise architectures to form the bedrock of our clients’ future businesses. We believe that every organisation needs to consider technology strategy as a dynamic, core enabler of corporate success.

To do this, we:

  • Define target state architectures using a timeboxed iterative methodology, supported by business-focused and technology-centred real-world strategies
  • Identify joined-up business outcomes based on technology investments and through aligning visions
  • Use proven methodologies and experience to support you to select the best solutions for your business needs

Our approach to “Agile IT” helps you move your business away from static, multiyear roadmaps to leading technology platforms for business success.

Optimising processes to accelerate business performance

Improving business performance through reducing costs and simplifying delivery to increasingly satisfied customers are core business outcomes for most of our clients. We help our clients to work seamlessly with their suppliers, business functions, inventory and distribution channels.

To do this, we:

  • Improve and optimise business processes to drive cost efficiencies and improve business outcomes
  • Automate business and technology processes to increase the productivity of repeatable tasks
  • Use intelligent automation to make sure that robots continue to do the right things as your process automation evolves

The result is operational efficiency: better control and happier customers, all of which adds up to an improved bottom line.

Putting people at the heart of organisational change

The biggest benefit from programmes of change comes through enabling your people to deliver outstanding results. We help review and implement the most effective techniques to influence behaviours and encourage your teams to adopt new ways of working. We believe that engaging team thoroughly in the change you want to make, nurturing progress and providing clear feedback and rewards is the most direct route to sustainable, beneficial transformation.

To do this, we:

  • Analyse stakeholders by identifying the people involved in and impacted by the change, and how they perceive and are likely to react to it
  • Design and implement the new organisation by taking both data-centric and human-centric approaches to organisational design, aligning structure to the business vision and its operating context
  • Enable people to grow with the transformation by analysing the impact of change, then designing and developing programmes to support customers, employees and partners

Engaging people in the transformation actively create change, reducing delivery risk and increasing benefits realised from the new culture of the transformed organisation.

Delivering value and insight through clear analysis

Understanding the underlying needs of a business at all levels of operations enables an organisation to focus precious resources at the right time for the best possible return. We use clear, data-evidenced business analysis to support effective decision-making and drive better returns from the change programmes you choose to undertake.

To do this, we:

  • Use structured thinking to identify and prioritise business needs
  • Define commercially aware projects to target delivery against prioritised needs and strategic goals
  • Assess and manage requirements using appropriate world-class methodologies to establish and support the delivery of change projects for the best return

Reduced cost of operational delivery and improved business returns flow directly from ensuring new business requirements are discovered, prioritised and implemented effectively.

Exploiting data for business gains

Information is the lifeblood of a modern, digital enterprise. Effective exploitation delivers differentiation for your business; it helps you make better, faster decisions, allows you to automate processes for better customer outcomes and provides you with a truly competitive advantage.

To do this, we:

  • Define your overall data strategy, the architecture and the governance to materially increase the value of your information without significant overheads
  • Bring our experience in big data implementations, design-led data visualisation and data science to enable you to realise your data strategy
  • Go further with cognitive data, machine learning, AI and deep learning to deliver on our promise of ‘intelligent automation’

Our approach is pragmatic and efficient and deals with information as a business asset, helping you maximise its value and impact.

Keeping complex projects on track

Real transformation delivers fundamental change throughout an organisation, its customers and its partners. We make sure complex projects and programmes are delivered within realistic timeframes, and that quality and risks are assured managed effectively.

To do this, we:

  • Provide strategic advice, mentoring and facilitation, leadership at a portfolio level
  • Deliver through managing projects, programmes and portfolios, facilitating change, setting up and managing programme management offices
  • Support you throughout with project reviews, project recovery, benefits case analysis and delivery accelerators

These plans and controls maximise the realisation of your intended benefits.

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