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"Research predicts that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price as the reason for purchasing a product or service. As a result, public and private sector organisations are facing ever-higher expectations from customers. The private sector is also contending with the rise of social media, the digital customer and ever-increasing-competition, meaning that organisations are looking to improve customer experience to help gain and retain customers and increase market share. Within the public sector, organisations are facing continued cost-cutting. This results in an increased need to improve efficiencies that do more with less.

NTT DATA provides tailored solutions that help our clients meet these business challenges. Built on leading CRM platforms from Salesforce and Microsoft, NTT DATA brings an industry-focused experience of delivering hundreds of CRM projects that allow organisations to improve efficiency and gain customer insight, resulting in cost savings and enhanced customer experience."

CRM Marketing and Deployment Model

Our solutions allow marketing departments to construct personalised targeted digital campaigns and content management solutions to create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. Delivering consistent targeted messaging between sales and marketing increases retention rates, reduces sales cycles and drives revenue and marketing ROI.
Our solutions can be deployed on-premise or as a secure cloud SaaS model giving flexibility and choice to clients.

Increased understanding of customers and engaging more effectively allows organisations to win more deals. With built-in artificial intelligence and integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, our sales teams are able to gain greater insight into their prospects and customers. Integrating best practices using sales process automation, seamless integration with Microsoft Office and access to data from any device boosts productivity, allowing salespeople to spend more time selling thus increasing revenue.
Customer/Citizen Service

Ensuring service interactions are managed effectivity is critical, especially if the customer has a complaint or an important need. This ‘moment of truth’ is a critical point within the customer journey. Organisations which fail to manage these interactions properly will lose customers, whilst an organisation which manages interactions well can turn disgruntled customers into advocates.

Our solutions allow the customer to engage on any channel or device. Using self-service and leveraging artificial intelligence through virtual agents, freeing agents to focus on high-value interactions, our solutions provide customers with access to information quickly. Intelligent automation and process rule guide agents to the right actions by providing relevant information to help resolve issues. By doing so quickly and effectively, the resulting reduction in case handling time simultaneously improves customer experience. Service level management ensures issues that are not resolved to time are escalated so that remedial actions can but put in place. And finally, integrated customer surveys allow organisations to measure the effectiveness of their customer services interactions and implement process improvements.

Project Service
Services organisations need to estimate projects, manage and allocate resources and track project costs. This process of matching resources with varying roles, skill-levels and physical locations to project needs can often be complex and time-consuming. Project Service provides a single tool that allows project and resource managers to easily cost, manage, track and report service projects, reducing management overheads and improving services to clients.
CRM as an application platform
At a glance, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics platforms provide the standard CRM functionality described above. However, they are also platforms that can be configured with minimum (or zero) code to provide other business applications such as correspondence management systems and assets registers. In fact, many business needs that require the storage, control and reporting of information overlaid with a business process can be implemented using the platform features.
Single Customer/Citizen View
Each of the functionalities described above can reside within the same single database. This allows organisation users (with appropriate security permissions) to obtain a single view of customer data and interactions across departments and functions leading to better customer understanding, customer engagement and up/cross-sell opportunities.
From our experience, clients obtain better returns if solutions are not solely implemented on a standalone basis, but are integrated within their existing IT landscape. Our solutions provide rich, open integration capabilities allowing for the easy exchange of data.

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