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Tim Bardell

Tim Bardell
Head of Consulting, VP at NTT DATA

There is a Japanese proverb that reads: “A frog in the well knows nothing of the great sea”. The proverb speaks of a frog who spends his life in the bottom of a well and, limited by his own narrow experiences, cannot conceive there is anything but the small world around him.

But what if the frog climbs out of his well? He will see there is a great sea of opportunity, experiences and perspectives that he never knew existed. Yet while it’s an exciting view, the sea is vast and potentially overwhelming for one frog to explore on his own.

We can draw a big parallel between the frog’s experience and our own ambitions. Few business leaders are satisfied being at the bottom of the well; we are seeking new ideas and experiences—but we know we can’t do this – or exploit them – alone.

NTT DATA is your guide to navigating the challenges that lie ahead and adapting to the changing business environment. We will enable you to think differently and deliver the extraordinary. We will empower you to Know the Great Sea.

To dive deeper into these issues and find out more about Know the Great Sea, contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Your business is relationships

Tim Bardell, Head of Consulting

Our heritage as a Japanese company highlights that relationships mean nothing without long-term commitment. Tim Bardell asks: what can we do to demonstrate the commitment to build, grow and develop long-term relationships that shape the new social norms?


You business is relationships

No More Us and Them

Joe Trainor, VP Digital, Telecoms Media and Automotive

The concept of ‘us’ and ‘them’ is an incredibly binary way to consider business relationships. Joe Trainor explores the pragmatic steps that close this gap, so that we can face challenges in true partnership.


No more us and them

If They Work For You, You Work For Them

Sanjeev Hanji, Client Partner

The best leaders don’t focus on themselves; they enable others to be their best. Sanjeev Hanji explores how a culture of continuous improvement, rooted in the Kaizen philosophy, can motivate and nurture every individual so they develop and thrive.


If they work for you

Society and the Enterprise

Laurence Norman, Chief Architect

What is a sustainable business? Laurence Norman proposes that creating a sustainable business comes down to closing the divergence in motivations between, and balancing the needs of, business and society.


Society and the enterprise

Shared Purpose, a Teamwork Culture and the Harmonious Organisation

Paul Barwick-Copeland, Practice Lead, Employee & B2B Experience
Sarah Wood, Client Partner

The relationship between a company and its employees is undergoing a rapid evolution. Sarah Wood and Barwick-Copeland discuss how businesses can navigate their way through these changes to create and live better employee relationships.


Shared Purpose

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