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International Women's Day

Celebrating gender equity in tech

At NTT DATA, we're focused on mentoring and developing female talent in the technology industry.

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Championing women in tech


NTT DATA UK&I is proud to be a member of The 30% Club, a global campaign that aims to increase the representation of women at board and senior management levels. 


NTT DATA UK&I fund scholarships for 30 women to enrol in one of four digital skills Academies as a part of its ongoing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and to closing the gender gap in technology.


Despite many years of effort and investment, the participation of women in technology-related roles in Europe remains at 17%*. (Source: IDC Women in Tech Series Report) 

Shining the spotlight on women in the profession

As part of International Women's Day, NTT DATA are raising awareness of gender equity with their #EmbraceEquity campaign.

NTT DATA runs a variety of initiatives for increasing diversity such as programs for young females, innovation labs for the youth, a 12-week tech academy in the UK, and a campaign to promote female stories and role models in the tech industry. NTT DATA's initiatives are excellent examples of how practices to balance genders and promote inclusion in Europe can be improved.

Increased infrastructure increases cyber threats

At NTT DATA, we #EmbraceEquity

Vicki Chauhan, Head of Public Sector UK & Public Safety Defence, EMEAL at NTT DATA UK&I discusses the support given by NTT DATA and offers advice to women for their career aspirations.

I feel very fortunate to work for a business that takes equal opportunities and diversity very seriously.

In the UK, we have a head of diversity, equity and inclusion that sits on our UK leadership team.

Vicki Chauhan
Head of Public Sector UK & Public Safety Defence, EMEAL, NTT DATA UK&I

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