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Fri, 08 July 2022

2022 Energy Trends - Future at Heart

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The UK government has set an ambitious target for the country to reach net zero by 2050. The energy sector is committed to leading the way and aims to reach its own net zero target ahead of the 2050 deadline. That’s a challenge for all of us.

The aim is to transition away from an energy system based largely on traditional, large-scale generation towards an integrated system that embraces renewables and small-scale, diversified generation technologies. Smarter generation will in turn be supported by smarter, more-efficient energy storage and distribution networks. This increasingly complex new UK energy environment will rely on automation to help it balance the demands of efficiency, sustainability and energy security.

This calls for a complete overhaul of the way we do things.

We’ll need to match innovation in new and emerging technologies with new ways of working – in both operating and business models.

This report gives an insight into how companies are already investing to help realise this vision. We consider which innovations are attracting investment from today’s major energy sector players. We also review the start-ups that are bringing forward the next generation of exciting energy solutions. 2050 may seem a long way off, but I hope this report will help us all focus on what we need to achieve over the next decade if the UK energy sector aims to stay on track and achieve net zero ahead of the national deadline.


2022 Energy Trends - Future at Heart

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