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Fri, 16 June 2023

Data for People: How NTT DATA is Driving the Fan Experience at the BMW International Open

Utilising data insights and leveraging digital technologies

Data has become a valuable treasure trove, providing meaningful insights to help solve business problems, optimise processes, and develop new business models. Utilising data effectively is key to achieving success in any sector.

In the world of sports, data has become one of the most valuable assets to sports teams, athletes, broadcasters, and event organisers, and has also become a driving force in further engaging fans in the sport they love. NTT DATA is no stranger to utilising data insights and leveraging cutting-edge tools to enhance the fan experience. One such example is the BMW International Open. NTT DATA has been instrumental in delivering an unforgettable experience for fans over the past three years and we are proud to support BMW’s prestigious golf tournament at the Golfclub München Eichenried in Munich.

Together, we aim to shape the future of sports, creating more engaging and immersive experiences, while also showcasing how digital technologies can transform every organisation.

Building on our longstanding relationship with BMW Group, which has spanned over 30 years, we have brought advanced data insights, analytics, and cutting-edge sports technology for a more engaging and immersive way for fans to follow events at the BMW International Open in real-time, both on the course and at home. 

This year, we’re excited to once again bring these innovations, advancing what’s been implemented previously while also showcasing our advanced machine vision technology via golf swing analysis for fans onsite.

Enhancing the Data Experience

Over the past three years, we have continually brought advanced data insights, analytics, and cutting-edge sports technologies to build a more engaging and immersive way for fans to follow events in real-time. This has included our data experience, which can be interacted with via the BMW Golfsport platform, creating a unique digital fan experience. Insights can be viewed on who the day’s big hitters off the tee are, who is making the most fairways, and which players are taking the fewest putts per hole. In addition, NTT DATA’s intelligent prioritisation algorithm will track the most important developments during the tournament in real-time.

The experience generates real-time insights, including player performance comparisons and interactive leaderboards. This is achieved through making over one billion calculations, using over 50,000 lines of computer code to analyse over 30,000 player shots during the tournament. Together, these insights mean that fans worldwide can enjoy live updates during events, enhancing their viewing experience with a personalised second-screen experience. This platform represents the future of sports news, providing tailored results and AI-driven analysis.

This data experience from NTT DATA gives fans control over how they enjoy the sport they love. Increased access to real-time statistics, analysis and insights allows them to elevate their viewing in an enhanced immersive experience, whether on the course or at home.

The NTT DATA Experience represents the evolution of live sports news, delivering not just real-time results but also an AI-designed stream of content and analysis for a personalised viewing experience to all fans, wherever they were located.

Data to Value: Bringing an Unforgettable Event Installation

Last year, we launched the NTT DATA Wall at the BMW International Open – a 20-metre-wide LED event installation, which delivers live video from all around the venue alongside the compelling statistics delivered via the data experience alongside impactful visual trends built from analysis of billions of data points across the four days. The NTT DATA Wall features a display with continuously updated graphical information on scores, rankings, plays at each hole, details on each player, and related topics such as posts on social media.

Positioned at the heart of the spectator village, The NTT DATA Wall enables fans to rest, relax, eat, and drink, while keeping up with all the latest action on the course. This large-scale event display allows fans onsite to get closer to the action and understand more about the drama behind the data, building a more engaging fan experience.

Using Computer Vision to Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing

This year, we are pleased to be showcasing our proprietary advanced machine vision technology, which is already being used to accelerate digital transformation in a number of industries.

The solution utilises computer vision techniques and artificial intelligence models to track a player's swing and extract valuable information from a real-time video recording. Using video of a player performing a swing, the video is processed frame-by-frame, extracting individual frames for analysis. Computer vision algorithms detect and identify relevant entities in the video frames, which includes identifying the golf player, the golf club, and other objects of interest. The system then determines the regions of interest within the frames, focusing on the player's body and the golf club, isolating the key elements for analysis. Following this, AI models, such as pose estimation algorithms, estimate the player's body pose in each frame. These models can accurately determine the positions and angles of various body joints, enabling the system to track the player's movement throughout the swing.

Using the extracted information from the body pose and golf club pose, the system can calculate and analyse the trajectory of the swing. This includes the swing path, clubhead speed, impact angle, and other relevant metrics. The analysed data is shown using overlay graphics on the video, thus providing insights into the player's technique.

This video analysis solution will leverage computer vision and AI models to allow for real-time tracking of a golf swing. Available to all onsite in the fan village, individuals will have the opportunity to use the technology to perfect their swing. PGA Golf professional and former caddie, Katharina Böhm will also be onsite to help fans understand the insights. Having previously played on the German National Junior team, Katharina’s advice alongside the data analysis will go a long way to help fans improve their overall golf performance.

Solving Business Challenges with Digital Twin Technology

Alongside our tech integrations at the BMW International Open furthering the fan experience, we will also be showcasing our latest partnership, which brings unrivalled insights to business challenges through the use of digital twin technology.

Customers and partners onsite will have the opportunity to attend our talk on our latest offering: Decision Intelligence by digital clones. Working in partnership with URM Group - which provides clear and timely intelligence that organisa¬tions can depend on to compete and succeed in the digital age – we are able to help our customers optimise processes, gain new insights to solve problems before they occur, and future-proof plans. We’ll be discussing the partnership and what it means for our customers in more detail at the event.

Creating a Unique Fan Experience

At NTT DATA, we understand that creating a satisfying fan experience is essential to a successful event. To achieve this, data plays a key role in providing insights for personalised experiences. That’s why we collaborate closely with clients and partners to ensure we understand the desired outcomes and how we can drive those forward. Our use of innovative technologies captivates spectators in new ways and keeps them engaged with their favourite sports. These tailored experiences create unique, long-lasting memories for every fan, be it on the course or at home.

Learn more about how NTT DATA is dedicated to driving value and digital transformation through the latest advancements in technology at the BMW International Open.

The BMW International Open runs from the 22nd – 25th June, 2023. 


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