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Tue, 08 August 2023

Creating impact in golf: How NTT DATA is driving data further and amplifying inclusion through its sports sponsorships

In today's competitive landscape, in which businesses and consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and conscious of their brand choices, aligning with the right partnerships can make all the difference. At NTT DATA, we use information technology

to create new paradigms and value, that help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society. With this in mind, it’s important that when looking at who we choose to partner with, we not only ensure that we do so with this mission in mind, but that those partners share our vision too.

One example of how we have brought this mission to life is through the decade-long partnership we have had with The R&A, the leading body within the world of golf that engages and supports activities to ensure it is a thriving sport for all on a global scale. As the official IT provider for The Open for over ten years, and as of last year, sponsor of the AIG Women’s Open, we are proud to support The R&A on its mission to increase the number of people playing all formats of golf and the frequency of play, together with improving the perception of the sport.


Driving Data Further

In order to increase the number of people playing golf and improve its perception, it’s essential for fan engagement to be prioritised. Over the years, we have continually built on the fan engagement of The Open, providing more ways for people to connect with and understand the game, whether at home or onsite. As a result, The R&A has seen year-on-year growth in attendee numbers to The Open, increased broadcast audiences, increased Google searches and social mentions, and an improved attendee experience score.

Golf, a sport deeply rooted in data, encompasses countless data points that influence every facet of the game. From the undulating slopes on the green to precise pin placements, wind strength, and the historical performance of players, each detail holds the potential to shape the outcome of a competition.

These variables contribute to the captivating nature of golf, and harnessing data-driven insights elevates the fan experience by offering a more nuanced comprehension of the game. Recognising the significance of these intricate details, providing fans with access to a wealth of data enhances their immersion in the sport, ultimately creating a more captivating and engaging experience. It is for this reason that golf provides the perfect sport for us to partner with.

Together with The R&A, we have explored innovative approaches to connect with fans, elevate the overall fan experience, and unlock fresh avenues for participation, growth, and engagement within the sport. The partnership represents a union of rich history, a passion for progress, and an unwavering dedication to making golf a game for everyone.


Amplifying inclusion

Golf stands as a testament to its inherent inclusivity, welcoming individuals of all abilities, ages, and genders to compete against one another on a level playing field. With its unique handicap system, golf allows players of varying skill levels to compete together in a fair and equitable manner. Whether it's an experienced golfer or a novice taking their first swing, everyone can participate, enjoy the game, and embrace the challenges it presents.

The sport fosters a sense of camaraderie and provides opportunities for connection and shared experiences, breaking down barriers and bringing people from diverse backgrounds together. Golf's inclusive nature transcends physical limitations and celebrates the spirit of competition and togetherness.

At NTT DATA, we understand that inclusion is central to business success, and the most successful and innovative businesses across the world are those leading on DEI. This is yet another reason we are proud to partner with The R&A on its flagship golfing Championships for both men and women, and we hope to be able to use our brand as a platform to amplify this important message of inclusivity.

This is why we were extraordinarily proud to extend our sponsorship of golf’s original Championship to the women’s game last year. The extension of our sponsorship to the women’s event is a reflection of our commitment to meaningful change and promoting equality, and we look forward to building on it in the years to come.

Women's golf continues to increase in popularity and with the work The R&A are doing to open up the sport to become more accessible for all, we are thrilled to be part of this movement.


Teeing off the AIG Women’s Open

With The Open closed off for another year, we are now looking forward to the AIG Women’s Open, engaging with clients and partners while onsite, and amplifying women’s sport.

The AIG Women’s Open takes place at Walton Heath Golf Club from the 10th – 13th August 2023. 


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