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Tue, 20 June 2023

The importance of Partnerships: How NTT DATA and BMW are Innovating Together

This week the iconic BMW International Open tees off once again at Golfclub München Eichenried. We’re set for another weekend of first-class golf, with an unforgettable fan experience, that we’re proud to be powering.

As the official Technology and Innovation Partner and Main Partner of the prestigious event; the golf tournament offers us a time to reflect on our long-standing and incredible partnership with BMW group. At NTT DATA, our top priority is delivering exceptional results for our clients, enabling them to get the most out of their data with our “Data to Value – Data for People” approach. As part of this approach, we believe innovation is best achieved through partnership and it’s therefore imperative to work with other best-of-breed innovators, such as BMW.


Innovation Driven by Collaboration

We believe that collaboration is at the forefront of driving innovation. It brings together diverse perspectives, skill sets, and varying expert knowledge to solve complex problems and create new opportunities. By working in collaboration, individuals and organisations can share their ideas and expertise, allowing them to build on each other's strengths and weaknesses to develop innovative solutions that are more effective than those created in isolation.

We also believe that collaboration encourages experimentation and risk-taking, as team members can share the burden of failures and celebrate successes together. Furthermore, collaborations that bridge different industries and fields can lead to the development of solutions with widespread and far-reaching impact. Ultimately, collaboration helps to foster a culture of innovation, promotes learning and growth, and drives progress forward.

As businesses' needs continue to change and digital transformation projects become more common, business leaders are seeking solutions that take this collaborative approach to combine the very best vendors with expert consultancy and execution.


An Innovation Partnership Spanning Three Decades

For over 30 years, NTT DATA has cultivated a strong relationship with BMW, implementing innovative change all over the world. Our collaboration has evolved over time to encompass end-to-end digital transformation and process streamlining. For many years, this collaboration has been a catalyst for innovation and represents a truly international relationship.

In 2021, our partnership reached new heights as NTT DATA announced its role as BMW's dedicated Innovation and Technology Partner for the BMW International Open. Building on our relationship with The Open, this exciting opportunity has allowed us to shape the future of sports and revolutionise how fans engage with the sport. Over the past three years, we’ve created more engaging and immersive experiences, while also showcasing how digital technologies can transform every organisation. At this year’s event we’re proud to once again be improving the fan experience with additional technologies. Take a look at how we’re driving the fan experience this year here.


Taking Golf to the Boardroom

Together, NTT DATA and BMW have a deep-seated passion for innovative technology, which has led to a long-standing global collaboration. For the BMW International Open, our partnership has resulted in the ultimate data experience that significantly enhances the fan's participation. But the innovations demonstrated at the golf tournament don’t stop at golf.

At NTT DATA, we’re passionate about applying innovative technologies in a variety of settings, and learning from different industries to enhance transformations and accelerate value for clients.

The world of sports has been a hotbed for technological innovation, with various advancements such as video replay technology, wearable devices, and data analytics driving improvement in athletes' performance and the overall fan experience. These technologies have not only transformed the sports industry but can also be applied more broadly to businesses. For instance, data analytics can be used to track business operations, improve decision-making, and gain insights into customer behaviour. Sporting technologies have the potential to revolutionise various aspects of business operations, leading to increased efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness.

We’re excited to once again be powering the BMW International Open with innovative technologies and look forward to showcasing how these technologies can be applied in a broader business setting. As we continue to innovate with BMW into the future, we look forward to growing our relationship even further.

The BMW International Open runs from the 22nd – 25th June 2023. 

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