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Next generation digital banking

Banking customer’s needs are ever changing and with a more recent focus on digital transformation in the banking sector. NTT DATA focuses on putting customers at the heart of product design, with mobile-first banking. We utilise digital technology such as advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to help you make informed decisions, create smoother and more efficient processes. We help you deliver a more user-centric experience for your retail banking customers.

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Explore Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The use of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) has a large potential in the banking industry, acting as a decentralized, digital database. Within DLT sits Blockchain, offering the ability to organise data into blocks. NTT DATA work in partnership with you to implement these technologies, providing benefits to the financial and banking industry such as smoother personnel onboarding, enabling access to real-time, accurate data and reducing operational costs.

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Embrace the future of Open Banking

Open banking allows banks to use APIs to connect third parties to customer data and is set to see huge change in banking. Those that adopt this technology afford themselves the position of being innovate and staying ahead of the ever-threatening competition. Furthermore, the implementation of APIs is reshaping how B2B banking is done. APIs allow more secure and simplified processes, and they reduce the risks of data being accessed in the case of a security breach.

Banking digital transformation

Hit your sustainability targets

Retail banks need to be considerate of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) elements as part of their ESG strategy. Awareness of this term has been raised due to the increased mindfulness of customers and their bank’s policies and stance surrounding ESG. NTT DATA can help retail banks in shaping and implementing a successful ESG strategy to meet business goals and achieve a sustainable, net-zero future.

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Increase in IOT revenue


IOT Experts


Increase in IOT revenue

Retail Banking Services


Cybersecurity Solutions

We work closely with our clients to understand their security needs and develop tailored security plans to address any risks and vulnerabilities.

CX & Design

Customer Experience Consulting

At NTT DATA, we focus on delivering experiences that drive employee engagement, boost customer loyalty and grow long term profitability.


Cloud and IT Infrastructure Services

To help you achieve your goals, we offer a wide range of cloud application and infrastructure consulting, system integration, architecture design and deployment services.

Edge as a service

Emerging Technologies

NTT DATA leverages cutting-edge technologies and a highly skilled and experienced team to discover trends, envision the future and turn decision making into a competitive advantage.

Intelligent Automation

Inteligent Process Automation

At NTT DATA, we solve client challenges in boosting business functions performance with a range of Intelligent Automation services, delivering  automation that’s integrated across the enterprise.

Data & Intelligence

Data & Analytics

Our expertise cuts across almost everything we do for our clients, from data-enabled consulting and engineering modern data platforms to data-driven customer experience and data service management.

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Our Banking Segments


Corporate Banking

We make your business ambitions and strategic plans a reality with our extensive industry knowledge and global expertise.


Capital Markets

Working with you as your strategic and trusted partner and helping with compliance across the regulatory landscape.

Our Experts

Profile picture of Andy Nelson, Head of Banking at NTT DATA UK&I
Andy Nelson
Head of Banking and Financial Markets

Leader of NTT DATA's Banking and Financial Markets in the UK&I. 25+ years' experience, passionate about tech-driven client and customer satisfaction.


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Joel Craven
Joel Craven
Head of Sales, Retail & Wealth Management

30+ years transforming core banking, customer experience, and regulations for Retail & Commercial Banks in UK & Europe.


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Jorge Lesmes
Jorge Lesmes
Client Partner

Senior Director with 15+ years in consulting for FS clients, leveraging technology for strategic growth and delivering exceptional results.


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Profile picture of Roberto Bellovi
Roberto Bellovi
Client Partner

Experienced leader with 18+ years in UK Digital Banking, driving innovation and enhancing the digital banking experience.


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