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A vision for a digital and sustainable future

With capital markets undergoing considerable change, navigating this new landscape can be a challenge. Do you need a partner to help you with regulatory compliance or in the design, implementation and support when upgrading legacy systems and processes? NTT DATA offers expertise, data and analytics and cutting-edge technologies to help you transition to a digital-ready future, allowing you to focus on strengthening customer relationships, reaching business goals and increasing profitability.

Harness the power of data & analytics

Capital markets are reliant on processing, managing and analysing vast quantities of data for reporting and strategic purposes. Some legacy processes are still carried out manually, however, by investing in new digital technologies, a greater form of automation can be achieved. Our expertise in legacy modernisation and utilising digital technologies such as AI and machine learning delivers more insights for the decision-making process and improves operational processes through more agile working.

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Digital security & compliance

With the rise of cryptocurrency comes a higher risk of cyber threats causing potentially large costs both financially and to the firm’s reputation. Capital market firms need to ensure they are fully protected from these risks, especially as more wealth management applications and systems are installed on mobile and cloud-based services.

NTT DATA has a wealth of expertise and experience in the banking industry, allowing us to provide you with the support you need to ensure you are covered from cybersecurity risks. Our expertise also covers regulatory compliance, including the new ISO 20022 messaging standard, aiming to reduce financial crime.

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Hit your sustainability goals

When making investment decisions, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors play a key role in the process. Sustainable finance is becoming more pertinent to investors, businesses and customers globally, with those implementing sustainable policies appearing more attractive to potential customers. NTT DATA can help you develop and implement effective digital solutions and business strategies, ensuring ESG risks and opportunities are at the core of the process.

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Increase in IOT revenue

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We work closely with our clients to understand their security needs and develop tailored security plans to address any risks and vulnerabilities.

CX & Design

Customer Experience

At NTT DATA, we focus on delivering experiences that drive employee engagement, boost customer loyalty and grow long term profitability.


Cloud Computing

To help you achieve your goals, we offer a wide range of cloud application and infrastructure consulting, system integration, architecture design and deployment services.

Edge as a service

Emerging Technologies

NTT DATA leverages cutting-edge technologies and a highly skilled and experienced team to discover trends, envision the future and turn decision making into a competitive advantage.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

At NTT DATA, we solve client challenges in boosting business functions performance with a range of Intelligent Automation services, delivering  automation that’s integrated across the enterprise.

Data & Intelligence

Data & Analytics

Our expertise cuts across almost everything we do for our clients, from data-enabled consulting and engineering modern data platforms to data-driven customer experience and data service management.

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Profile picture of Andy Nelson, Head of Banking at NTT DATA UK&I
Andy Nelson
Head of Banking and Financial Markets

Leader of NTT DATA's Banking and Financial Markets in the UK&I. 25+ years' experience, passionate about tech-driven client and customer satisfaction.


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Jonathan Philp
Principal Specialist, Capital Markets

Principal Specialist with 25+ years of experience in investment banking, asset servicing, investment management, and market infrastructure contexts.


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Raj Mylavarapu
Head of Sales, Corporate & Investment banking

25 years’ experience driving global Capital Markets and Corporate Banks. Leverages innovative solutions, cloud, data and technology to deliver impact.


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Andres Polo
Client Partner

Specialist in Financial Markets and passionate about supporting our client's transformation journeys.


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