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Cloud is a question of how, not if

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Leverage data. Energise growth. Optimise costs.

Modernising operations through migration to the cloud enables energy companies to accelerate profitable growth by taking advantage of vast amounts of data. Analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence deliver insights into new ways to raise network reliability, develop innovative applications, improve customer experiences, and increase operational efficiency.

However, large-scale cloud modernisation is complex. A clear strategy is essential to provide direction and achieve effective integration of cloud throughout an organisation. Without a business-aligned strategy, energy companies risk becoming stuck mid-migration and may suffer rising costs.

Increased infrastructure increases cyber threats

Move away from legacy limitations

Energy companies typically run large legacy IT infrastructure with data centres that are often over-provisioned and hugely costly to run. Worse, the pace of technology development means that legacy infrastructure can quickly become outdated and unable to meet the changing demands of modern energy consumption and customer expectations.

Legacy IT cannot add capacity quickly and offers limited scope for innovation. Conversely, cloud deployments can be scaled in minutes to match fluctuating demand and business initiatives can be rolled out rapidly to respond.

Cybersecurity Posture Evaluation example

Secure your journey to the cloud

Energy companies manage critical infrastructure, making security a top priority. Distributed power grids and multiple IoT devices across networks creates new security vulnerabilities. The public cloud benefits from a standardised environment that offers increased resilience, better access management and automated patching and log monitoring.

Carrying out cyber risk management only for compliance can lead to risk being managed in a tick-box fashion.

More effective is a risk-based approach to data protection and the security of processes and services. The risk assessment must encompass technology, implementation costs and the severity and likelihood of the risk being realised.

We know that security is a top driver of cloud adoption and that the implementation of DevSecOps, identity management and security automation are vital.

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Cut through the complexities of utility operations

Read why cloud migration and modernisation are essential for energy companies

NTT DATA Migration & Modernisation Services

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Rapid Assessment

Tailored to the scope of the cloud migration and modernisation to quickly understand existing applications and identify risks and complexity.

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Modernisation Design

Specify detailed roadmaps for each application including timetables, application design and landing zone design for any cloud provider’s platform.

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Modernisation Implementation

Involves NTT DATA and partner experts using a wide range of hyperscaler tools and proprietary accelerators to achieve the required migration.

Secure innovation at pace

Deep and rapid transformation of the energy sector calls for speed to develop and launch new capabilities. Utilities can create the innovation and flexible operating models essential for future growth by implementing automation and evolving to cloud-native principles and capabilities.

To maintain the security of agile operations, NTT DATA recommends the adoption of DevSecOps, which enables vulnerabilities to be identified and addressed early in the lifecycle, reducing development costs while delivering the speed and agility of DevOps. As a trusted DevSecOps partner, NTT Data can provide a tailored solution to an organisation’s needs from providing full DevSecOps-as-a-Service through to enhancing internal capabilities with knowledge and expertise.


NTT DATA helps energy companies understand the best opportunities for their businesses and become agile enough to quickly exploit them. Our global scope and capabilities enable us to support multinational energy companies to address the energy transition by creating smarter, more resilient networks, automating operations and developing innovative solutions for all their customers.

We also work extensively with leading organisations in other sectors that are well-advanced in their digital transformation plans, giving us insight into long-term solutions that we apply to the energy and utilities industries.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes consulting and advisory services, application infrastructure and business processes, IT modernisation and managed services, coupled with deep industry expertise.

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Our Cloud Services


Strategy & Transformation.

Definition of a business- to-technology strategy to enable organisation wide transformation, and digital capabilities enablement.


Migration & Modernisation

Migration & transformation of current workloads to the new platform through a strategy that maximises business objectives (costs, innovation, time to market).


Cloud Native Solutions

Accelerates the benefits of Cloud adoption with Cloud native architectures and digital integration of hybrid solutions, using platform capabilities to cover non-functional use cases.


Cloud Platforms

Adoption of Cloud components, from the foundations to more composable capabilities to ensure Cloud adoption is aligned with business needs.


Operations & Cost Optimisation

Cost analysis and optimisation, and Cloud operational services based on new paradigms of Site Reliability engineering and full observability.

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