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Whitepaper - Tue, 13 June 2023 - 30 min read

Cut through the complexities of utility operations

Read the ebook: why cloud migration and modernisation are essential for energy companies

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Accelerate digitalisation with cloud

Most, if not all, energy companies have moved workloads into the cloud. However, only some have done so across the business in a way that encompasses the largest business-critical applications.

Concerns about security, resources, investment, time, platforms and complexity are affecting the scale and pace of adoption. This ebook considers why cloud migration and modernisation are essential for energy companies to grow, innovate and strengthen their security position. It reviews the business case for migration and modernisation and how to fully realise the benefits of the cloud as the enabler of digitalisation.

Energy companies that achieve large-scale migration to the cloud are better placed to take advantage of the new open data environment.


Each participant in the energy industry has different needs, which means they need different cloud solutions. There is no out-of-the-box solution that will suit every business, thereby adding to the complexity.

Extracting maximum value from the cloud

NTT DATA migration and modernisation services define and accelerate cloud adoption by bringing business priorities and critical technologies together, from planning through to implementation and organisational change.

We help to define a new operating model, an infrastructure and platform cost model, new ways of working and the adoption of new technologies to extract the highest value from the cloud platform.

Our capabilities are proven through our track record of innovative service delivery, working with multiple energy companies as well as organisations in other industries:

Cloud Outcomes Delivered


Faster time to market


Increase in new releases


Reduction in outages


Higher DevOps productivity


Faster recovery time


Fewer security breaches

In this ebook, you’ll learn more about how cloud operations help utilities to deliver better services and how NTT DATA partners with companies to achieve business outcomes through cloud.

Whitepaper - 30 min read

Navigate the complexities of utility operations

Read why cloud migration and modernisation are essential for the Energy & Utilities industry.

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