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NTT DATA shaping the future of sport

Data analytics has become fundamental to success across today’s sports businesses, teams and individuals.

While sports professionals and teams are now stronger, faster and more skilful than ever before, the ability to compile vast amounts of data and analyse it to deliver insights and improvements can be the difference between winning and losing.

But it’s not just performance which is benefiting from data. Fan engagement is becoming more personalised and therefore increasing – both in venue and at home – while operational improvements and new revenue avenues are increasing profit margins.

Game changing innovation

NTT DATA has extensive experience as an innovation and technology partner for sports businesses and teams.

We have been partnering with, sponsoring and providing technological solutions for major sporting events around the world for many years, including the Tour de France, the Indycar Series, The Open, the Major League Baseball, and the BMW International Open.

Greater fan engagement

We bring sports fans closer to their heroes and the action – whether from home, online, or in the stadiums of the future.

Our data insights provide enhanced sports statistics which are analysed in real time to deliver engaging infographics. More personalised viewing is also enabled through offering fans the opportunity to constantly monitor their favourite athlete to deliver a deeper emotional connection.

Our ultra-reality viewing technology is advancing the way we watch and engage with sports by generating high definition and wide-angle visibility images that can’t be captured by typical cameras to synchronously transmit multiple videos and audios to different locations in real time. Similarly, our hologram technology projects such a highly detailed image that spectators feel as though they’re actually in-venue.

Greater performance

Through infrastructure, advanced analytics, robotics and AI, we generate deeper insights into sports strategy, tactics and decision-making.

We help sports professionals make the incremental improvements that allow them to reach the top of their game, from the smallest of changes in movements, to tactical team insights.

Greater operational insights and profitability

We use technology to transform how sports organisations plan, operate, make decisions, and compete in the digital world.

Our in-venue data insights and analytics alongside tracking technologies enable you to optimise crowd management, more adequately resource staff, control stock levels, create ecommerce opportunities, and increase sales within a venue.

We can help build new revenue streams through more tailored sponsorship packages, virtual advertising and through making more footage automatically available to fans.

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