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Advanced analytics and machine learning
Techniques from advanced analytics and machine learning enable steps to be taken so data can be used to create insights that inform business decisions and better understand customers. NTT DATA combines its data science and data engineering expertise with deep IT delivery experience to provide a variety of data and analytic services. These range from data discovery and architecture assessments to building and operationalising machine learning models.
Objectives of data science/analytics:
  • Average existing data sources (and create new ones).
  • Extract meaningful information and actionable insights.
  • Drive business decisions and changes.
  • Achieve business goals.
  • Design/develop technology stack
  • Architect data pipeline
  • Cloud environment setup
  • End-to-end code development
  • Real-time data streaming/analytics
Sensitive data processing
Personal and sensitive data is often the most valuable and insightful information about customers. However, increasing regulations make it a major headache for businesses. At NTT DATA, we have a proven track record in helping businesses store and process sensitive data appropriately. This maintains its usability and value for business decisions and creates insights.
Our expertise allows us to provide an independent assessment of data sensitivity in relation to business requirements and making recommendations for how best to address any concerns. We can create a bespoke solution that preserves the business value from a range of data sources, including structured and unstructured data.
Data visualisation and business intelligence
Even with great data and analytics applied to the data, this is often not enough for the busy decision makers within an organisation. The data needs to tell a story that’s engaging and credible. This is where data visualisation is critical to tell a convincing story and provide an interactive interface so that everyone is empowered to become a ‘citizen data scientist’.  At NTT DATA, our expert Data Visualisation Team can design custom solutions to make data more usable and understandable. In addition, we can ensure that data is presented in ways that are appropriate for a variety of users, ranging from senior executives and data-savvy analysts through to customers checking their account. Our data visualisation service spans the whole range, from data access, extraction and mining to dashboarding and interaction.
Cognitive computing and AI
Cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are often seen as buzzwords with little substance to back them up. Here at NTT DATA, we have the expertise to operate beyond the usual constraints of structured data. This allows us to take advantage of behavioural data sources so we can have better interactions with users and customers, for example, harnessing new data sources to improve the customer experience or increasing self-service by reducing the use of contact centres.
Our expertise in cognitive computing and AI encompasses:
  • identifying business needs and appropriate technologies 
  • assessing the level of integration and sophistication required
  • unstructured data harvesting and mining
  • social network analysis and natural language processing

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