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We live and breathe telecommunications. We understand how the industry operates, both locally and globally. We use this experience to help you achieve your goals.

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We recognise the huge technical and behavioural shifts that are accelerating change in the telecommunications landscape. Whether it’s technical advancements in fibre, or the introduction of 5G, business needs and legacy business models are facing massive disruption. At NTT DATA, we are proud of the successes we have delivered for clients in helping to transform their businesses. Our teams of experts from across the globe bring considerable industry experience, with a local understanding. As your transformation partner, we will help you find new ways of engaging customers, optimising your investments and preparing your business for tomorrow.

Guiding your growth strategy

What strategy and capabilities underpin your path to growth? How will you lead the disruption in the marketplace? How should you engage your customers to ensure their ever-increasing expectations are met? And where are you on the digital transformation journey?

Our extensive background in strategy, execution and innovation within the Telecoms industry means we will act as your guide in an industry that’s constantly shifting and transforming. Although there may be a technology solution for some of those challenges, we recognise that in many cases, the solution is rooted in the organisation, process and behavioural change. Our consulting team will help you accomplish your goals, irrespective of the solution underpinning it.

Our experience covers everything from the business model and market innovation, through to technology strategy, and on to delivery and operating model design and build.

PMO as a Service

We understand the challenge of managing a portfolio of complex delivery projects and programmes. Effective portfolio management means you can deliver more efficiently and faster - and that means meeting your customers’ needs sooner and at the right price point. We’ve developed a PMO as a Service model, which executes through our global delivery model, leveraging local, near and offshore capabilities. We’ll help you improve change delivery and enhance team effectiveness by working to understand your project management and IT needs. We use Agile principles, coupled with small specialised teams to reduce costs, lower risks and continuously drive improvements.

IT Transformation

IT teams today face huge challenges; from cutting the cost of technology without compromising quality to identifying how data can be mobilised to create value. Then there’s the need to be compliant with national and international regulation, as well as ensuring your investments deliver a return. NTT DATA's communications and telco heritage equips us with many unique perspectives with which we enrich our advisory and IT services to Telco clients.

To achieve your IT transformation, innovation is vital. We bring innovation across all areas of your technology estate and will help you navigate some of the grand challenges of the industry, such as virtualisation of the network domain, the introduction of ultrafast access (5G and FTTP) and digital services, the transformation to low cost zero touch customer management and the use of immersive technology to transform field service engineering and management. .

Delivering first-class customer experiences

To attract, retain and maximise the value of your customers, providing a first-class, low friction customer experience is more vital today than ever. But doing it consistently, cost-effectively and across multiple channels can be a tremendous challenge.

We turn complexity into beautifully simple journeys, and whether it’s B2C, B2B or B2E, the end customer is always at the heart of what we do. As part of how we define these journeys, we leverage our design thinking, experience design and creative design and build capabilities. Collaboration is of the essence for us – augmenting your knowledge with our expertise develop digital customer experiences that will transform your business –through today, tomorrow and beyond.

Billing systems as a competitive differentiator

The ability to present customers with innovative offerings that unify different types of services, from mobile telephony to landlines, and broadband to cloud services, has become a requisite to compete.

We understand your need for convergent, real-time billing systems that are capable of supporting these unified offerings. These systems must be highly configurable and allow minimum time-to-market when new services and offers are introduced, or when new regulatory requirements are put in place.

Through a combination of industry experience and our partners, we have a depth of experience in consulting and systems integration of convergent billing solutions for voice, data and digital services. We can design, create and manage the evolution of billing solutions and manage the integration of these solutions with the wider BSS and OSS estate.

5G: Delivering Ultra-Fast Access for the UK

5G and fibre is part of the solution to 'ultrafast access', and knowing how to create value through services underpinned by ultrafast is a circle we can help you square. Preparation for a 5G future is critical to ensure on-time delivery. As part of the world’s first Group to launch a 5G network, NTT DATA brings a pioneering understanding of 5G in strategy, design, and execution that is without parallel in the UK. In the fibre (FTTP/H) area, we have a wealth of experience in helping operators to optimise their deployment build and planning processes to achieve a lower risk, faster time to revenue.

In parallel with the network aspects of ultrafast, NTT DATA will also bring expertise in the OSS (Operations Support Systems) domain, helping you to adapt to the changes in inventory management, planning, orchestration and service assurance.

Security is in our DNA

In a connected, IOT enabled world, with ever-increasing points of exposure, there's no such thing as ‘risk-free’. We understand the need to make informed decisions to mitigate that risk by maintaining the highest levels of proactive and reactive cyber, physical and personnel security.

NTT Data’s cybersecurity capabilities are delivered jointly with NTT Security, the largest independent security firm in the world. Whether it’s protecting your network and endpoints, securing your digital services or enabling you to build effective risk, security, and compliance programs, we can help.

Delivering innovation to Telecoms Operators

We partner with organisations around the world, helping you to improve your customer experience, optimise your network assets and improve your field operations with cutting-edge innovation. Technology can be deployed today to drive real benefits including artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, as well as object recognition, can be deployed to fix real-life problems.


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