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Thu, 06 July 2023

Revolutionising Customer Experience with Conversational AI: Tesco Mobile Chatbot Hackathon Journey

A hackathon is a dynamic and collaborative event that brings together programmers and professionals from various industries. With its social and interactive nature, a hackathon fosters innovation and creativity, serving as a vibrant platform for individuals to showcase their skills and push the boundaries of technological advancements.

At NTT DATA, we organised the first ever hackathon with Tesco Mobile, with the aim to explore how Chatbots and AI can transform the customer experience journey. The potential of these technologies is vast, ranging from creating a more efficient and effective organisation, harnessing real-time data, IT system integration and promoting an unwavering commitment to customer centricity.

The hackathon brought together diverse and dynamic teams from Tesco Mobile, NTT Data, Salesforce, and Liveperson.

The event enabled each team to leverage their knowledge, experience, and passion to the fullest extent. This setup allowed each team to develop unique experiences centered around specific technology platforms. As a result, each team created a different demo with unique use-cases based on the initial guidance provided. We witnessed WhatsApp chatbots accessing historical customer information to provide tailored advice and web chatbots that were able to escalate the most complex queries to human agents.


We have been working with NTT DATA for a number of years. We find them extremely responsive and helpful. It’s a joyful partnership because it's about helping us fill in the gaps of what we don't have.

Sally Marriott Chief Technical Officer at Tesco Mobile


The hackathon served as an opportunity for Tesco Mobile to witness the exciting potential of chatbot automation and the positive impact it can have on customer experience.


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