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Many acute NHS Trusts have made great strides in accelerating their ability to deliver high-quality care through IT-led transformation. Consistently increasing pressure to reduce cost and deliver to growing patient expectations requires new types of partnerships with industry suppliers.

With over 30 years of experience, we have evolved our capabilities and services to align to these changing needs. Whether it is providing skilled experienced staff to augment your digital transformation teams, managed security services to deal effectively with emerging cyber threats, or technology solutions to improve process efficiency and patient care, we are ready to partner flexibly with you to help ensure your success.

Digital transformation and customer experience

NTT DATA has supported many organisation – both public and commercial - through a digital transformation journey. This journey is made possible by designing and implementing customer-centric digital services, building a bridge between legacy and the front end systems and management of data.

The key differentiator here is our customer-centric approach throughout the entire engagement to map out user journeys and design the solution to meet these user needs. Only by adopting this approach can we support the delivery of a customer journey that meets expectations and provides internal benefits such as operational efficiency. Some examples of this delivery include:

Patient-facing screens in reception areas - when registering a patient, the receptionist will ask the patient to confirm their key details via a screen which will face them.  This has the advantage of reducing the major issue of data quality and effectively engaging with the patient. 

Digital display -  iPads are used to carry out handovers in the main clinical areas within Emergency Departments.  And these iPads mirror to quality digital displays that have been wall or ceiling mounted.

Workplace transformation

We understand the need to improve cost efficiency and most importantly to allow clinical staff to focus on their primary concern – the patient. We’ve developed a series of programs to partner with NHS Trusts and create a seamless, secure and efficient working environment for staff.

Safe and secure access
Hospital staff have multiple applications and a variety of devices to manage. Our single sign-on solution allows staff to move between devices and applications with one single, easy set of credentials. We have also developed a new method of working using a smart card to tap a small device on your PC.  This speeds up the login process so that the user simply “taps” on with their smartcard to log into their VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and applications. This desktop with their open applications can then follow them around the emergency department by “tapping” on, making the clinician more efficient.

We understand the need for ensuring value for money in the NHS and have developed flexible models to allow for efficiency but ensuring the quality of service. A device as a service is one such model where clients simply pay for the end-user devices they need and use.

Infrastructure services

All NHS Trusts require continual improvements in their IT infrastructure to meet their goals of improving care whilst reducing cost. We manage a wide range of services with an ecosystem of partners for NHS Trusts, working to deliver infrastructure that enables transformation and creates capacity and flexibility to meet future demand over the next 20 years.

Smart ICU

Smart ICU is a valuable tool to improve the care given to critically ill patients. It's an intuitive solution for ICU professionals, simplifying the visualisation of patients’ data in a single screen, improving efficiency, quality of care and patient safety while reducing hospital costs.


Data security has risen to the top of the agenda for NHS Trusts as a result of well-publicised threats vulnerabilities. The only way to ensure that you are adequately protected is to partner with a company that specialises in data security and is therefore ahead of the game.

NTT Security is a specialist security company with ten SOCs, seven R&D centres and over 1,500 security experts that handles hundreds of thousands of security incidents annually across six continents. We work with NTT Security to deliver security services to our clients that are tailored to meet their specific needs, delivering the right mix of managed security services, security advisory services and advanced technology solutions, using local resources and leveraging its global capabilities. In this way, you can have the peace of mind to know that you have the right systems and services in place to deal with any emerging threats.

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