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The automotive industry is revolutionising

As the car progresses through the evolutionary levels of autonomous driving, the automotive industry must keep pace with the change and retain customer loyalty to remain successful. The OEMs will have a new relationship with the customer, mechanics will become IT specialists and car-sharing will continue to grow.

Car-sharing will keep growing

It is conceivable that new business models, as well as new types of platforms and concepts, will be developed as part of car-sharing. Ultimately with Level 5 car-sharing vehicles, car-sharing will be a bit more convenient. Drivers will no longer have to look for a vehicle that might happen to be parked in the vicinity; they can simply call a vehicle and drive to their chosen destination.

Mechanics will become IT specialists

Autonomous vehicles will become rolling computers, conventional vehicles will no longer be available, and steering wheel manufacturers will no longer have a market. This means that OEMs and suppliers will have to rethink their components and products. Furthermore, new types of employees will be needed. Employees with knowledge of IT will be in demand.

New relationship between customer and OEM

The autonomous vehicle is turning into a computer that generates large amounts of customer data. The customer entrusts the data as well as its security to the OEM. The OEM, in turn, receives more information about its customer than ever before. The challenge for the OEM as well as potentially for the suppliers is to gain tangible benefits from the data (e.g. in the sense of predictive maintenance or cross-selling and up-selling).

New aftersales

Especially for mature automotive markets such as Germany or the US, aftersales is a mainstay for profit. With a current share of around 50% of the profit but only 23% of sales, the aftersales business continues to be indispensable for OEMs. How will aftersales change? Fewer repairs, more maintenance. The autonomous vehicle will significantly change the aftersales business and require a rethink.

The expectations for modern customer experiences have been set outside the automotive industry. However, the greatest power the industry has is that you own the physical environment within which your consumers engage with you. This gives you a fantastic opportunity for change. It has been proven by fast-moving digital businesses that centring the whole organisation around customer needs changes every part of the company. Not just, marketing, sales and care, but your people, operations, manufacturing processes and the culture of your company will change.

This is a journey, that we can support on.

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