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Sat, 05 October 2019

Know the Great Sea: a new NTT DATA UK forum to inspire, challenge and guide business leaders

As part of NTT DATA UK’s commitment to bringing together people, ideas and wisdom to achieve the extraordinary, the company has today launched Know the Great Sea: an online forum guiding business leaders to navigate the challenges they face and adapt to the changing business environment.

Drawing on NTT DATA UK’s Japanese heritage, Know the Great Sea takes its inspiration from a Japanese proverb: “a frog in the well knows nothing of the great sea” and sets out to guide business leaders to better understand the sea of new opportunities, experiences and ideas that are beyond their immediate view.

Tim Bardell, Head of Consulting at NTT DATA UK, explains: “There are great parallels that can be drawn from the proverb and today’s business leaders. No one is satisfied being at the bottom of the well and we want to challenge our thinking with new perspectives.

“Know the Great Sea is designed to empower leaders to escape the well – which in itself can be a frightening prospect – and adapt to the rapidly-evolving business environment and the wider society we operate in. NTT DATA is here to be a guide to leading in the new world.”

Each quarter, starting from April 2019, Know the Great Sea will publish fresh insights and perspectives from experts across the NTT DATA UK business on a range of organisational, cultural and societal challenges facing business leaders. The pieces offer NTT DATA UK’s unique experience, expertise and guidance on how business can be successfully shaped for the future.

The first issue of Know the Great Sea focuses on the theme of relationships and brings together the views and experiences of NTT DATA UK client partners, diversity experts and employee experience leads. They cover how leaders can demonstrate their commitment to build, grow and develop long-term relationships that will have a positive impact on their businesses and innovate with business models, technology and organisational structures.

The first issue of Know the Great Sea is live now and available to read.

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