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Whitepaper - Wed, 20 December 2023 - 30 min read

Transforming Data Centers Through Automation and AI

Learn how the effective use of automation can eliminate most errors.

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Transform your data centers with automation, AI, and digital twin technology

This whitepaper explores the transformative potential of future edge data center automation, focusing on the role of an orchestrator in providing end-to-end automation, from the quote-to-cash process to day-to-day operations. It also emphasises the integration of AI and digital twin technology, ultimately aiming to achieve the Uptime Institute’s Level 5 for self-optimising data centers.

The core vision for automated, unstaffed edge data centers priorities integration and optimisation, leading to the delivery of industry-required uptime and higher-quality service through a strong focus on automation.

transforming edge data centers through automation and ai

Whitepaper - 30 min read

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Explore the transformative potential of future edge data center transformation.

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