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Ebook - Thu, 11 January 2024 - 30 min read

Optimise network and operations for long-term gains

Eight changes CSPs must prioritise to enhance network and operations efficiency

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Act fast to achieve greater efficiencies

Representing 70% of OpEx and 50% of CapEx, the network and related operations not only underpin a CSP’s core offering but represent the greatest opportunity for cost transformation.

As part of our Let’s talk. Less series, this ebook provides an overview of the priority changes CSPs must act upon to transform their cost base and practical advice for delivering the improvements.

The network underpins a CSP’s core offering and nothing else has such an immediate and direct impact on customer satisfaction, renewal and, ultimately, the CSP’s financial outcomes.


CSPs are currently facing a perfect storm of challenging market conditions. Difficult macroeconomic factors, relentless competition and commoditisation caused by technology convergence have forced conversations about cost reduction to the fore. However, ad-hoc cost-cutting will not be enough. CSPs must embrace cost transformation to deliver embedded savings to achieve real change.

The natural starting point is with the network and related operations.


Eight changes for network and operational gains

Drawing on our practical experience delivering cost transformation for telcos and on our heritage as part of one of the world’s leading telco groups, this ebook explores the eight areas of network and related operations where rapid and substantial benefits can be delivered in all CSPs.

  1. GenAI-driven Predictive Fault Analytics
  2. Operation Process Optimisation
  3. Fixed Line Decommissioning
  4. RAN optimisation and automation
  5. 2G and 3G sunsetting
  6. Zero touch assurance
  7. Ways of working
  8. Reducing energy costs


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Ebook - 30 min read

Let's talk. Less.

Explore the eight priorities for network cost transformation

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