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Wed, 30 August 2023

Breaking Through the 5G Monetisation Barrier

How to go beyond the technology, putting clients’ business needs first.

5G networks are expanding rapidly, with communications service providers (CSPs) around the world making huge investments in the infrastructure needed to enable the next generation of wireless connectivity. However, while the raw potential of 5G technology is undeniable, the network capability alone does not automatically translate into revenue or return on investment (ROI) for CSPs.

CSPs need to shift their mindset and priorities to truly capitalise on 5G infrastructure and achieve monetisation. Rather than leading with the broad technical capabilities of 5G, they need to focus on the concrete needs of businesses and illustrate the tangible benefits for their clients.The Future of Private 5G Monetisation

Following many years of experimentation, trials, and proofs of concept (PoCs), CSPs have realised that 5G technology is mature enough for a full production deployment with their enterprise clients. At the same time, CSPs may need help to identify those use cases that generate tangible investment returns in an ocean of possibilities.

This is why it is increasingly essential for CPSs to identify an initial portfolio of applications that can leverage 5G technology to bring tangible and immediate business value to their enterprise clients.

This portfolio can be built on “pre-cooked” capabilities, such as digital twins, using them as a foundation to produce refined, specific applications and business cases tailored to the requirements of their customers. Whether dealing with a manufacturer, a mining company, or a telecom infrastructure provider, the CSP can rapidly deliver targeted business use cases by applying cost-effective customisation to the ”pre-cooked” platform, thus providing a feasible and competitive deployment.

The overwhelming feeling across the industry is that trying to find the killer application amongst so many use cases will give way to a practical process – generating tangible and rapid benefits to both the CSP and their clients. Such a process should start with a discovery phase that aims to identify which clients and use cases to focus on.

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What Makes Up The Discovery Phase?

For CSPs, the 5G monetisation journey starts with discovery – a critical phase of business investigation. The goal is to identify how 5G technology can drive significant operational improvements and growth for clients across industries. This is when the CSP works to truly understand the client's business drivers and identify where 5G can move the needle.

Many CSPs conduct a surface-level technology audit during discovery – but that’s where it stays. The most successful approach is a comprehensive investigation, looking at a business in its totality and identifying specific use cases where 5G can fulfil concrete operational or competitive needs.

This approach allows the CSP to build a compelling business case and design innovative solutions that address the client's needs from beginning to end.

At NTT DATA, we have a structured approach to 5G discovery that provides tangible outcomes: helping CSPs to capitalise on their capabilities and focus their investments for maximum impact.

Our discovery phase delivers:

  • A Clear View of 5G Opportunities: We identify and prioritise target use cases where 5G can fulfil business needs, assessing the revenue potential for each opportunity.
  • A Robust, Focused Business Case: We build out a quantified business case for 5G deployment tied to real customer examples and case studies, modelling the timeline, costs, and hard ROI.
  • Realistic Offerings for Target Segments: Based on the opportunity assessment, we map out optimised 5G offerings tailored to enterprise segments where they can drive the most value.
  • An Understanding of Process Maturity: We assess organisational maturity and readiness for 5G deployment, providing a roadmap for adoption.

Our Approach to Private 5G Monetisation

After going through a comprehensive discovery process which lays the groundwork for these vital data-driven decisions, CSPs can move beyond this initial phase.

NTT DATA’s organisational heritage at the intersection between telecoms and the enterprise has shaped how we approach two following stages:

  • Deployment: we design, build, integrate and manage end-to-end private 5G networks tailored to CSPs' needs. This includes infrastructure deployment, systems integration, and ongoing network optimisation.
  • Systems integration and application development: we develop custom 5G-enabled applications for clients. These applications are integrated seamlessly with legacy systems and the broader technology ecosystem.



As a leading global IT and consulting firm deeply entrenched in the telecom industry, NTT DATA holds a unique position to assist CSPs in transitioning their focus towards business-centric 5G monetisation.

With extensive expertise spanning telecommunications and diverse industries, we understand how to generate concrete business value through 5G. Supported by a proven track record, we develop tailored solutions rooted in clients' challenges, harnessing the potential of 5G to achieve significant returns on investment.


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