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Whitepaper - Fri, 26 April 2024

Cloud Advisory Framework: Leverage success in cloud adoption

Understand the key importance of cloud advisory services for a successful transition to the cloud.

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In the current context of continuous digital transformation, organizations must align their cloud migration strategy with their business objectives to generate value in their organizations.

NTT DATA Cloud Advisory Hub has designed a complete framework to get the most out of cloud infrastructure to maximize productivity, identify innovation opportunities and generate an agile cloud strategy prepared for future challenges.

The framework includes six practical, clearly defined business areas:

  1. Strategy: to set the direction, establish a clear roadmap, and agree priorities. This is critical to long-term success because the strategy is rooted in reality,  reflecting maturity, definitions of success and what is possible.
  2.  Platform: to build the future cloud platform while continuing to manage the as-is, legacy environment. The platform is not restricted by any limitations based on cloud service providers or technologies
  3. Transition: The move to the new platform takes place he, ensuring the proposed cloud capability is in place and fully operational.
  4. Operation: This is the Run phase, where the new cloud environment goes into action, so that its performance can be monitored, evaluated and where any necessary adjustments are made
  5. Governance: Designing the future governance structure will be a fundamental part of the strategy process, and an agreed governance approach should be in place by the time the transition begins.
  6. Transformation: The final stage where we invite clients not simply to Think Cloud but to Rethink Cloud. This is likely to involve DevSecOps in virtual collaborative platforms, a move to composable solutions and a much higher level of ecosystem working.


Cloud Advisory Framework:

Leverage success in cloud adoption

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