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Mon, 20 March 2023

How energy retailers can create efficiencies and enhance customer service

Leveraging data-driven document composition services

In today’s market, efficiency and customer services are often what differentiates energy retailers. That makes optimised and hassle-free workflows the differentiator for many companies in terms of customer retention. Unfortunately, there are some perennial bottlenecks that can hold teams back from achieving optimised workflows.

For our clients in the gas and power retailing space, routine customer correspondence is often one of the main obstacles. In fact, it’s an area that brings workflows to a grinding halt. The inherent complexity of customer correspondence is often cited as the root of the issue, with many retailers citing the lack of a standardised and streamlined process to be the main hurdle they face.

NTT DATA UK&I’s Document Composition Managed Services offering enables companies to streamline workflows for greater efficiency by utilising customer data to drive design and publishing for omnichannel, personalised communication.

Document Composition Managed Services is a customer service capability that creates efficient workflows and speeds up delivery. It’s the best way for retailers to communicate with customers throughout the various stages of a journey, in batch format via print or various digital channels, including SMS and email.

This service turns complex and time-consuming customer correspondence pipeline into a streamlined process – one that relies on and utilises data.

Clear and personalised correspondence

Call centres are famously time-consuming for customers and organisations alike. Energy retailers looking to optimise their customer correspondence should aim to reduce incoming calls to call centres as much as possible.

Energy bills are often cited as being overly complicated and frequently are the only regular communication customers receive. With clarity of design and content for bills and letters, Document Composition Managed Services allows organisations to achieve improvement in communication and reduction in call volumes.

Achieving a similar level of efficiency savings by alternative methods would require a significant amount of time dedicated to quality checks and personalisation of correspondence. By contrast, Document Composition Managed Services allows personalised and clear bills and invoices to be delivered to customers without a huge investment of employee hours.

Integration of customer communications

At its heart, Document Composition Managed Services relies on a data-driven approach to automate, personalise, and clarify the correspondence that goes to customers. The result of this data-driven pivot is profound, as the standardisation it brings means that customer correspondence can be seamlessly integrated into other workflows.

We offer the chance to bring customer journeys in-house in their entirety. This means a big boost to overall operational efficiency, as energy retailers can then speed up and sync their correspondence with other processes. Important tasks like inbound sales cannot just be sped up through expedited customer comm timelines, but also be augmented by new data sources that can improve decision-making.

The benefits of Document Composition Managed Services for energy retailers are evident. On the one hand, it’s a win for customers, improving their satisfaction and service levels by raising the bar for correspondence. On the other hand, it’s a win for the business, increasing productivity and reducing call centre volumes. It incorporates a new and rich data source into your processes to improve your ability to connect with customers.

Document Composition Managed Services addresses the needs of energy retailers and is customisable to business requirements. NTT DATA provides a deep level of experience: from project management and business analysis to functional requirements and from design, development, testing and production right through to delivery.

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