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AWS Cloud solutions for the Telecom industry

With the power of the AWS cloud infrastructure that’s architected to be flexible and secure, let us help take your telecom business to the next level.

Deep industry knowledge

As part of one of the world’s most successful telecoms groups, NTT, we have a deep knowledge of the industry and bring a unique perspective to the table. We ask the questions others don’t, identify the issues that matter, then apply innovative solutions. It’s what we do every day in partnership with our clients like Telefonica, Vodafone, Tesco Mobile, Three and Eir.

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Harnessing the power of AWS

NTT DATA has raised the bar on what’s possible in the industry. Harnessing the robust, mature, proven platform of AWS, we are delivering innovative use cases that are digitizing industries, transforming telcos, and reimagining the consumer experience. With the power of a cloud infrastructure that’s architected to be flexible and secure, let us help take your business to the next level.

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Here are some sample use cases from AWS projects we have been involved in recently:

Case Study #1 - Effective Deployment of 5G CNFs for a Tier 1 Service Provider

The challenge presented to the SP was to migrate specific mobile related network functions from VM-based to container-based (CNF) deployment in an environment which, unlike he NFV environment, has not yet been fully standardised. Translated in telco parlance, the SP required a set of capabilities across its OSS and network domains that would allow for a smooth transition, performed while continue operating, to a set up that would guarantee to match given KPIs as well as future proof capability.


For this specific challenge, NTT DATA choose to create a product platform capable to manage the virtualized and containerized deployment models with a unique configurable, simplified, aggregated and topology based NFVO.

Infrastructure as Code is e key factor for the deployment scenarios over multiple edge/cloud environment, including AWS. Such product is named CreEdgeOn, as it is designed to “create on the edge” applications and services.


  • Integrated platform to handle the cloudification of mobile network functions will provide an effective tool for migration/creation of network function over AWS for this Service Provider, based on reusability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Scalability for future proof deployments.
  • Multi-technology and multi-vendor approach to handle the ever-increasing complexity of managing telco functionality over a cloud.

Case Study #2 - Vodafone – Satellite Network Imaging for 5G deployment

In its quest to build a digital society for the future by leveraging its 5G core in the UK, Vodafone expressed, amongst others, the need to increase its knowledge and understanding of its overall network environment while at the same time providing such a knowledge to its engineers to improve their view of the network and its surroundings.


  • Accurate mapping is a hot topic for telcos tasked with planning and rolling out 5G networks across vast territories such as the UK. The performance demands of 5G can only be met by dense mobile networks that provide reliable coverage in even the most cluttered urban neighbourhoods.
  • Building on its satellite imagery of the UK territory (AW3D) NTT DATA supported Vodafone to create a 3-D 360 degree model of the territory with fine details about buildings, infrastructure and vegetation at detail for over 30% of the UK’s urban population.
  • The implementation of such a model was done such as all this data could be easily visualised and analysed in Esri ArcGIS Enterprise, thus improving the knowledge of the impact of the changes to over 500,000 network assets to be easily tracked, modelled and understood.
  • A brief summary of what services and tools were leveraged for this project with reference to AWS:
    • EC2 Instances, S3 Buckets, RDS PostgreSQL, Load Balancer, IAM users and roles
  • Deployment being made in two different availability zones: Ireland (eu-west-1) and Paris (eu-west-3). NTT DATA configured two VPCs, one for each zone.


Vodafone benefits from this project in a number of ways:

  • Improve the quality of the service provided by their infrastructure, thus enhancing client experience and Vodafone competitiveness.
  • Drastic decrease of site visits which will support Vodafone’s endeavour to help save on CO2 emissions as part of their sustainability commitment.

More on this solution, which won Vodafone an award, at this link: Vodafone uses 3D mapping data to help locate new 5G towers | NTT DATA

Case study #3 Digital Enablement Program - International Service Provider

This fast-growing Service Provider (SP) saw an inorganic growth of their BSS and OSS capabilities which resulted, as it is often the case, in an ineffective deployment and usage of their inter-carrier wholesale services and infrastructure management capabilities.

The choice of platform coupled with the rapid growth were not designed for a telco heavy duty deployment and soon started to take its toll in terms of inefficiency in managing both customer and partner related functionality. As such, the SP had to redesign their business service ordering ecosystem and standardize the selling of their services to other carriers.


The client’s BSS and OSS were used for a wide range of functions, from CRM to Network Inventory, also including Customer Portal, Ticketing, Asset Management and Billing.

NTT DATA took on the challenge and supported the SP in its quest for modernisation and automation. A new application was designed and implemented with the intent to decouple the public vs internal API data model. Such an approach provided a scalable solution to the SP problems, giving full control on API design and implementation.

The implementation was brought to life including MEF compliant standards to achieve wider industry adoption and streamline of service ordering. The microservice layer underlining the implementation of public services, was built leveraging the AWS EKS component.

The solution was designed to:

  • Overcome potential MEF over-engineering and to enable the development of specific capabilities.
  • Provide a dependent and interconnected API set of functionalities with incremental growth in mind.
  • Enable the development of all existing customer requests, full product lifecycle management, effortless integration with partner portals/marketplaces and the) development of custom software solutions, e.g., custom maps, reporting.


This leading SP can now rely on a scalable platform and overall functional coverage offered by standard ready-to-use APIs, which includes geographic information, product proposition, end-to-end ordering, services management, monitoring, support and billing. The transformation was carried out in parallel to existing SP Operations without any impact on customer experience quality.


Together with AWS’s innovative cloud platform, wrapped with our services know-how, we design, install and support cloud-based solutions for our telecom clients that enable true business transformation. For validation, take a look at this case study with Three below!

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