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Fri, 12 May 2023

NTT DATA to unleash the potential of Microsoft Azure Open AI Services at Almirall

Open AI is rapidly gaining popularity and presents a transformative opportunity for companies in many industries. Aside from the debates about how much further this technology should be pushed before society has a chance to grapple with the implications, there are practical issues for leveraging current capabilities. Part of the challenge lies in applying it in domains such as processes improvement, operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

NTT DATA, in collaboration with Microsoft, is developing platforms that allow organisations to leverage the full potential of Azure OpenAI Service in real-world applications – and in a responsible manner. NTT DATA’s automation platform, NTT DATA Coding, provides a case in point.

Applying OpenAI to application modernisation 

We’ve integrated the Azure OpenAI Service from Microsoft to provide a unique combination of artificial intelligence and expert knowledge applied to application modernisation, development, and maintenance. When provided with background information on specific architectures and development frameworks, the platform transforms code from old to new technology paradigms.

The greater the range of problems that NTT DATA Coding tackles, the better it becomes, enhancing human productivity and streamlining the application modernisation process.

Applying OpenAI to medical research

In the pharmaceutical industry, reviewing medical research papers and extracting relevant information is a time-consuming task that can result in human error. NTT DATA, using Azure OpenAI Service, rapidly developed a question-answering and semantic search engine for the leading pharmaceutical firm, Almirall. Going beyond traditional entity extraction, the solution automates information parsing and populates a summary data store.

By pre-processing, indexing, and retrieving information from real-world evidence papers, the search engine enables users to retrieve information quickly and accurately by asking scientific questions. Model responses have an accuracy rate of over 90%, which allows Almirall to streamline research and reduce the time to market for drugs that tackle chronic and debilitating conditions.

According to David Pereira, Head of Data & Intelligence at NTT DATA EMEAL, “AI represents a paradigm shift in the market right now, and we see generative AI models from Azure’s Open AI Service will help companies in any industry and across a wide range of use cases. Our work with Almirall shows our ability to exploit this technology to address the needs of each specific customer.”

These two examples show the versatility of OpenAI but also the need for technology expertise – and in both cases OpenAI was just one component of the solution. Firms may find they need to solve a more traditional set of IT challenges as well such as data integration, data quality or user adoption. NTT DATA is well placed to help customers on the end to end journey – wherever the technology leads us.

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