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Tue, 19 May 2020

NTT DATA releases COVID-19 whitepaper: “Returning to our values in a time of crisis”

London UK, 19 May 2020 – Today, NTT DATA, a leading IT services and consultancy business, released its online whitepaper describing the organisation’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Returning to our values in a time of crisis explores NTT DATA’s response in terms of its three core values: Clients First, Teamwork, and Foresight.

Bringing together learnings from across the company, as well as insights from NTT DATA leaders including Swen Rehders, Walter Ruffinoni, Simon Williams, Daniel Metz and Stefan Hansen, the whitepaper serves as a testament to how quickly NTT DATA has been able to adapt successfully during this crisis, and provides insights into how to effectively evolve and respond.

Swen Rehders, co-CEO, NTT DATA EMEA, said: “I have been delighted to see the innovation, foresight, and ingenuity shown by teams across NTT DATA when responding to this global pandemic. Everything we have done has fed back into our core values, putting clients first and working together as a team to deliver exceptional results in a difficult period.

“Above all, this is a time when we have learnt the importance of maintaining client relationships. Each sector may have been impacted in different ways, but what is truly crucial is going that extra mile to make clients great – a core value here at NTT DATA. I invite you now to read on about NTT DATA’s work during the COVID-19 crisis including some detailed examples of how we have delivered for our clients at this time of maximum need for many businesses.”

Walter Ruffinoni, co-CEO, NTT DATA EMEA, said: “Everyone in NTT DATA has worked together from the very beginning, sharing information and helping different locations to implement their responses to the crisis. Indeed, this has been a time when the innovative values of NTT DATA have shone through, allowing our teams to rapidly adjust to the ‘new normal’. These can be challenging and emotional times, and we believe we have worked hard to give our teams the support they need. Staying close to your people and their needs should be the overriding takeaway for any leader from this period.

“I hope this paper provides some insights into how to successfully adapt and respond to a crisis like COVID-19. The way we work may well have changed forever.”

Read the whitepaper here.


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