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Thu, 09 February 2023

NTT DATA launches Technology Foresight 2023, providing compass for the present and future of IT and business

NTT DATA UK&I, a trusted global innovator in business consulting and IT services, has announced its annual compilation of the latest trends in technology, guiding business leaders on how to make the most of IT and innovation to achieve growth throughout 2023.

The report uses objective intelligence gathering to examine the current state of businesses that are achieving growth to form insights to help leaders to best meet the many challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. From next generation computing to Innovative Optical Wireless Networks, NTT DATA is developing a wide range of technologies to help businesses grow and the new report highlights some of the areas in which these technologies have application.

This year’s report found that the key technology trends impacting businesses in 2023 can be segmented into three key areas:

Growth-supporting mainstream technology

A set of technologies will support the continued growth of IT and determine when new businesses will materialise. AI will enhance everything called "smart”, while cloud will engulf everything, transforming the edges. Additionally, data condensation and software improvements will accelerate.

Border-Transcending Growth Technology

Near-future growth technologies are undergoing trials and constantly evolving to secure new areas of differentiation. Possibilities are becoming increasingly apparent through barriers being transcended using space infrastructure. 2023 will see virtual worlds become more integrated with people, while robotics will achieve intelligence.

Future-Pioneering Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies are beginning to show signs of materialising and throughout 2023 their feasibility, and the potential extent of their destructive power will develop. NTT DATA envisages that next-gen computers will allow IT to continue taking the lead, while IT will make decarbonisation a reality and bioinformatics will expand the future.

Tom Winstanley, CTO and Head of New Ventures at NTT DATA UK&I, said: “Innovation and digital transformation are key to business success in today’s world, which is why it’s critical that leaders have a clear overview of not only what the technologies impacting the now are, but also what the technologies impacting the next are. The NTT DATA Technology Foresight report provides organisations with insight on multiple different horizons, all at the same time – it is overview of the technologies that businesses should be investing in to accelerate impact and reduce costs both now and in the future.

“Right now is an exciting time for the IT world and the technologies being developed in our innovation centres on the likes of the metaverse and quantum computing are leading the way in delivering impact and cost savings to businesses. At NTT DATA, we continue to invest in the technologies impacting the here and now, while also exploring the growth opportunities of the future.”

NTT DATA utilises the NTT DATA Technology Foresight to create a vision of the future together with its customers around the world, and develops the technologies and services needed to realise that future. Last year, examples of how the report informed its decisions can be seen in its investment of six innovation centres and its joint development of a data distribution platform to protect data sovereignty.

Throughout 2023, NTT DATA Technology Foresight will continue to contribute to new business creation and the transformation of society. Read the full report.

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