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Mon, 24 October 2022

Fadata and NTT DATA Together Deliver the Global Insurance Industry a Cloud-Based Managed Service Solution

Fadata and NTT DATA&I have joined forces, combining operational capacity and knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry to offer insurance companies worldwide a streamlined single solution for digital transformation. The new strategic partnership utilises the breadth and versatility of Fadata’s specialised software, INSIS, and its capabilities as a managed service solution and harnesses NTT DATA’s ability to innovate IT and business services across the globe to roll it out. Formed from mutual ambitions, the collaboration of these two companies promises to modernise the insurance industry’s legacy software with a managed service hosted solution facilitated by a fast-onboarding process, which shortens time to market.

Global IT solutions and service provider, NTT DATA&I, will begin onboarding and operating the INSIS software solution as a single cloud-based service solution. The two companies have collaborated harmoniously to achieve cloud transformation, by packaging the most advanced and comprehensive insurance process platform available across all lines of business and multiple geographies to fully exploit the cloud architecture. Insurers can now tap into the combined industry expertise, product knowledge and people of Fadata and NTT DATA&I. Already, the new partnership and its core software solution has resulted in a landmark deal with one of the largest, most well-known and respected insurance Groups in the world.

Vito Treccarichi, Partner for Global Account Management, NTT DATA, commenting on the new partnership says: “NTT DATA is committed to expanding our services to the insurance industry. Our ambition is to utilise our expertise in the cloud to help insurers overcome the key challenges they face when approaching their often daunting digital and technology transformation process. Collaborating with Fadata, we have reached an important milestone in our integration of insurance services. Offering software as a single service solution for global clientele, with a firm foothold in the cloud setting, we are confident that the value of the platform will ensure we become a leader in the evolution of the insurance industry.”

Anders Holm, Chief Commercial Officer, Fadata, adds: “This is a testament of the Fadata growth strategy with our particular focus to - at a fast pace - provide business value to the European market through onboarding of standard solutions.  Working in unison with NTT DATA to satisfy global customer requirements, we are proud to offer a single managed solution that is not only able to serve in many jurisdictions, but also cover the entire spectrum of Property & Casualty, Health and Life & Pension insurances. Notably, collaborating with NTT DATA has enabled us to be extremely resourceful and competitive in the cloud landscape and we are looking forward to the future of our exclusive joint venture and the many clients we can support to adapt and thrive in the rapidly growing digital format.”

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