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Ebook - Wed, 01 May 2024 - 30 min read

Effectively managing cost and resources across hybrid cloud

Full Stack FinOps

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To fully govern and optimise costs, CSPs must approach cloud costs holistically

Most CSPs are actively adopting FinOps for their public cloud, not just for better cost management, but to improve service quality through increased resource performance, visibility and optimisation. Improving resource allocation and cost management, while raising quality, increases customer retention and helps develop new revenue streams.

Adapting and applying these same methodologies across hybrid cloud creates opportunities to radically improve operations and sustainability performance.

As part of our Let’s talk. Less series, this ebook demonstrates how CSPs can adapt the FinOps Foundation framework to apply across hybrid public and private clouds in what is known as FullStack FinOps.


“Existing FinOps practices simply are not sufficient to face the challenges of the market as it evolves.”


We have identified 13 areas in which changes are needed to extend existing public cloud FinOps practices and 2 where entirely new solutions are required to fulfil fundamental FinOps capabilities for private and hybrid clouds.

By building on best practice, NTT DATA supports, extends and adds value to the already proven framework. Full Stack FinOps is a catalyst of positive change across all aspects of business operations for CSPs.


Full Stack FinOps, covering hybrid public and private cloud.

Ebook - 30 min read

Let's talk. Less.

Full Stack FinOps brings accountability and cost management together.

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