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Ebook - Fri, 10 November 2023 - 30 min read

Let's talk. Less.

A Cost Transformation programme aids businesses in addressing critical challenges by providing a structured approach to identifying, planning, executing, and sustaining cost-saving initiatives.

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Telcos are facing a major challenge today: how to thrive in a market where cost pressure is high and competition is exceptionally tough. The key to long term success is service innovation and delivery excellence, making it essential to free-up funds for investment, while using new technologies and methods to improve quality.

Transforming their cost base is an essential step to long-term competitive advantage. By providing clear visibility of costs right across the business, it becomes easier to spot opportunities for process optimisation and positive use of new technologies to remove costs, while also fostering cost-conscious behaviours right across the business.

Cost Transformation is not a defensive approach (cut costs to survive): it’s a positive and visionary method for resetting the fundamentals of their business. This involves gaining deeper visibility into core activities and processes, identifying new priorities for growth, and positioning for leadership in one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

NTT DATA is a telecom business itself, and that’s why we are specialists in delivering competitive advantage for communication providers of every kind. In this paper we highlight some of the priorities for rapid action, based on our own in-depth market experience.

Let’s Talk. Less.

Ebook - 30 min read

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