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Whitepaper - Mon, 22 May 2023 - 30 min read

Corporate Banking Outlook 2023

NTT DATA's report investigates and analyses key trends, explores customised client experiences and examines how countries across Europe are reacting to new banking trends

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Insights for the future of Corporate Banking

You need to be confident and ambitious about making the right technology decisions for your bank. The stakes are high, as regulators scrutinise the whole sector more closely, corporate clients are more inclined to look for better options elsewhere, and the rise of automation technology is changing the game in terms of cost and experience.

So where to start? What are the key priorities? NTT DATA’s new Corporate Banking Outlook white paper investigates and analyses the key trends, explains the implications of self-service for customised client experiences, and looks at how your peers across Europe feel about all thee major changes.


Key study findings


of European banks are turning to blockchain/DLT


of banks have rationalised their portals


of European clients describe their onboarding experience as 'quick and smooth' compared to 40% in the Latin American region


There is no way of changing the huge trends that are transforming the world of banking, but you can make the technology work to your advantage. You do that by understanding its potential in depth and using it to take costs from your processes, while improving customer experiences.


The innovation and technology drivers that are causing a seismic shift in the ways banks operate can actually increase a bank’s value chain rather than decrease it.


Whitepaper - 30 min read

Corporate Banking Outlook 2023

Read NTT DATA's insights for the future of Corporate Banking

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