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Thu, 05 May 2022

Gender Pay Gap 2022

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The last few years have caused unprecedented turbulence in the workplace and businesses across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic overturned the way we work, leading to change in the way people work-increased remote working.

Profile picture of Fernando Apezteguia, UK Market Lead

Fernando Apezteguia

We are now known to the market for trading purposes as NTTDATA UK, however, we are still two separate legal entities until we complete our legal consolidation, as Company we will continue
publishing Everis Consultacy Ltd gender gap figures independently, but with one vision in mind to close the gender pay gap.

Gender Pay Gap is one of the top priorities of our company business and People strategy. We understand the positive business impact of a more diverse workforce. Our workforce continues to encourage us to keep working on diversity and remaining us of its importance daily.

We will focus on building an inclusive workplace where everyone can be their true selves every day.

Profile picture of Evelyn Healy, VP of Human Resources at NTT DATA UK

Evelyn Healy
Our D&I Ambassador

“I have recently joined the company, but I already see potential and ways that we can close the gender pay gap. Understanding further where the gaps are, and what we need to focus on, it is more than concentrating only on the demographic’s breakdown.

Driving results in workplace diversity requires setting goals that align with our values and feedback as an organisation that aims to ensure all of our people have the same opportunity to progress their careers within NTTDATA UK.”

2022 Gender Gap Reporting Cover

Gender Pay Gap 2022

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