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Tue, 21 March 2023

Gender Pay Gap 2022

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The last few years have caused unprecedented turbulence in the workplace and businesses across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic overturned the way we work.

Profile picture of Fernando Apezteguia, UK Market Lead

Fernando Apezteguia

We have published our Gender Pay Gap report in accordance with the requirements of The Equality Act 2009 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. During recent years, we have seen a steady improvement in our gender pay gap data; evidencing that the actions we are continuing to take are working.

At NTT DATA we will continue to strive to close these gaps and make our organisation one that is both diverse and equitable.

We have started the essential work to build a more equitable and diverse NTT DATA UK&I but we have more work to do and our focus will be on building programmes and processes to address equity and gender.

Profile picture of Clare Stephens, VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at NTT DATA UK&I

Clare Stephens
VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We acknowledge the importance of the Gender Pay Gap, and we are working on several fronts to attract, develop and retain more women in the organisation. And we remain committed to reducing the Gender Pay Gap and this remains one of our priorities for 2023.

Gender Pay Gap 2022

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