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Report - Mon, 18 September 2023 - 10 min read

Learn How Generative AI Can Accelerate and De-risk Innovation

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NTT DATA is very pleased to offer you this complimentary report from Gartner®, which gives insights and practical guidance on how to use Generative AI as a key driver for fast innovation and growth in your business.

In the report, based on new research and detailed analysis from best practice in the market, Gartner shows how CIOs can play the lead role in defining and leading an innovation practice in their enterprise.

Gartner tells us how combining human and machine intelligence can Generate more and better ideas by combining human experts with supporting Generative AI to improve exploration and understanding of the solution space.

This enables product companies to move from Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to Minimum Marketable Products (MMPs), which accelerates time to market, enhances quality and drives competitive advantage.

The hype surrounding Generative AI has led to confusion and doubt in many areas. The new report from Gartner® gets to the real heart of innovation priorities and can help you to clarify your thinking, refine your ideas and move fast to exploit this vital new technology for business advantage.

Report - 10 min read

Drive Business Value With Generative AI

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