Digital Transformation World 24 Ignite | NTT DATA

Tue, 18 June 2024

Digital Transformation World 24 Ignite

June 18 - 20 | Copenhagen

Next-Gen Telco: Evolution Through Collaborative Innovation

DTW24 – Ignite is an unmissable event for next-gen telcos that want to excel by harnessing the power of AI, composable IT and other technologies to unlock value from their networks and create superior customer experiences.

Lets meet at DTW - IGNITE 2024 and don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with our executives at the event.


Explore NTT DATA’s Catalyst projects

AI-Powered sustainable smart farming.

NTT DATA leads this Moonshot project focussed on enhancing smart farming with data analytics and GenAI to create more sustainable agriculture, optimize energy and resource use, and usher in a greener future.

Location: Moonshot kiosk #MC1

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Autonomous CEI for zero-touch 5G and wifi networks - Phase IV

This project, led by NTT DATA, is developing the technologies to help CSPs anticipate network degradation and proactively implement solutions autonomously before the customer experience is affected. This new phase expands coverage to also include WiFi networks.

Location: Open Innovation kiosk #C1

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AI-driven offer lifecycle management

By leveraging generative AI, this project seeks to inform and steer the decision-making processes involved in diverse areas, including goffer management, customer experience and infrastructure rollout. 

Location: Open Innovation kiosk #C13


Network service monetization through standardized APIs - Phase III

This project seeks to boost operators’ revenue growth through defining and utilizing a unified operations set across TMF and CAMARA enabling network services monetization. 

Location: Moonshot kiosk #MC15

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Talk with our executives

Taro Nakao
Head of Global Telecom Global Marketing HQ

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Taiji Doi
Taiji Doi
5G Business Promoter at NTT DATA

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Cesar Risco
César Risco
Partner – Telecom at NTT DATA

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Luis Fernando Rubio
Luis Fernando Rubio
Telecom Executive Director at NTT DATA

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