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Tue, 12 May 2020 - 2.20 mins read

Driving revenue – Connected Car puts you on the road to more

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Connected Car - your new source of revenue

Your customers take their mobile phones with them everywhere they go but are you making the most of that mobility?

Customers may not use their phones while driving but they are still connected. Using data, these journeys can be transformed into a new revenue source. All that’s needed is the right solution. NTT DATA has that solution. With just one simple software solution for any SIM based next generation telematics device, easily installed in a subscribers’ vehicle, you can:

  • Increase your subscriber base 
  • Increase your subscribers’ data usage and ARPU
  • Generate revenue from insurance solutions
  • Future proof your offering
  • Keep customers loyal, reducing churn

Small device, big opportunity

Traditional in-car telematics solutions, used by insurers, involve installing large black box devices behind the vehicle’s dashboard. Time consuming to fit, they are also expensive – and car owners often need to pay for the device if they sell the car before an agreed time.

Connected Car changes this. Our software solution uses any of your existing hardware or a range of small telematics devices, with one of your SIMs. This can be easily installed by the user and is ready to go in minutes. From the device, our software records rich and valuable driving data such as location, acceleration, speed, cornering, and braking.

Driving more revenue

This valuable data is your route to new revenue. With hard proof of good driving habits, car insurance providers will offer your subscribers discounted rates, and you could gain up to a 15% commission on each insurance policy sold in this way.

You also gain from the increased amounts of data use, as the device sends regular updates. Using a mobile app and portal, your subscribers can see their driving data and access value added functionality. Localized offers and discounts through partnerships with major retailers and leisure companies can also open up further revenue opportunities. Subscribers pay for Connected Car via a monthly fee, as they do with their mobile phones.

As well as offering more value to your consumer subscribers, you can also use the solution to deliver safety and risk management solutions to the fleet market, alongside a range of other business focused solutions. Increasingly popular Dashcams are fully compatible with this software and would drive increased data usage.

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Connected Car puts you on the road to more

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