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Does your customer data deliver business insight

How CRM creates an intelligent customer experience

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Disjointed CRM? Then expect dissatisfied customers

Managing your customer data is crucial for today’s businesses. But what if your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is underperforming?  

In reality, most companies run multiple CRM-related systems built up over the years. Customer data is dotted around isolated systems and locations, held by different functions, from sales to after-sales, from finance to marketing. 

There can be several reasons why your CRM may not be operating as well as it should be. It could have been poorly scoped or delivered or your delivery partners could lack technical expertise. 

There could be functional limitations, unused CRM capabilities or system faults. It may also not match with your business processes. 

The result 

Companies often come nowhere near realising the full value of all their customer data. They find themselves unable to benefit from a more strategic customer engagement and can miss revenue generation and customer loyalty opportunities. 

The customer experience suffers 


Contacting the company’s call centre can mean getting passed around, with customers frustratingly forced to identify themselves and their needs repeatedly. Customers can be left feeling the company doesn’t understand their needs, or even know much about them even when they have been loyal for years. 

Campaign opportunities lost 

Staff are equally frustrated, wasting time searching for information and dealing with exasperated customers Marketing campaigns and sales opportunities are squandered. Inefficiencies multiply because of duplicated data, outdated and unsupported platforms and inconsistent business forecasting. Brand reputation suffers 


NTT DATA implemented a CRM system for a major UK civil service department to manage a high volume of correspondence in line with complex business rules and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The initial onpremise deployment was then upgraded to Dynamics 365 in the cloud. The system enables more than 3,000 users to answer queries quickly and accurately using high-volume automated workflows for maximum productivity.

Connecting the CRM data dots

CRM can be, and must be, so much more than it often is. More than simply a customer data repository, a CRM system that’s fully integrated into the enterprise becomes a natural and central part of a broad business strategy. 

Successful CRM brings the insight needed for business decisions and helps ensure the right products are delivered to the right customers at the right time. 

Not every implementation of a customer data system delivers a ‘good CRM’. 

But when something is wrong, we’ll put it right. 


Transform business performance


A great CRM can transform business performance. Yet it takes more than just implementing software. It’s about integrating complex, multi-channel, multi-department, multi-system and multi-location customer journeys. And that takes cultural and technological change 


Efficient customer experience 

NTT DATA doesn’t just deploy and configure CRM software and leave the rest to you. We bring long CRM experience from projects in many industries, from Public Sector to Automotive, to help you map your target outcomes based on your business needs. Our multidisciplinary team of consultants, architects, business analysts, designers and subject matter experts help you identify essential cultural and business changes. 


Design the complete design solution


Then we advise you on the mix of processes, platforms and technologies that best suits your culture and design the complete CRM solution, whether through a conventional development programme or an agile approach.


Agile delivery

Our flexible approach is designed to meet your individual business needs:

  • Delivered on time
  • Collaborative and clearly communicated
  • Quality never compromised
  • Developed iteratively


Our aim is to hand over a fully working solution that enthuses your employees and has all the tools you need to achieve your business goals without being locked into using NTT DATA or any other vendor in the future.


Implement and roll out the solution

We work with you to implement and roll out the solution, cloud-based or on-premise, ensuring it is integrated with applications and your legacy systems. Where it makes sense, we apply innovative technologies such as Machine Learning, Chatbots and AI-powered automated workflows that substantially improve your productivity and deliver the best experience for your customers and employees.

Our aim is to hand over a fully working solution that enthuses your employees and has all the tools you need to achieve your business goals without being locked into using NTT DATA or any other vendor in the future.


Realise the untapped potential


How can a ‘good CRM’ improve your business? The alternative – continuing with a sub-par system – is dealing with inefficiencies, causing stress to employees and frustration to customers, not to mention higher operating costs.


Improving your CRM will allow you to realise its full potential, including:


  • Improved business KPIs
  • Better satisfied customers
  • Improved sales performance
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Happier employees
  • Reduced errors

NTT DATA’s Customer Relationship Management specialists will help get your CRM working as it should.

Brochure - 10 min read

Does your customer data deliver business insight?

How CRM creates an intelligent customer experience

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One team, many capabilities, deep experience

NTT DATA has broad expertise in multiple digital areas from customer experience to data analytics and business intelligence, enabling us to deliver a CRM solution that is at the heart of a wider enterprise and business strategy. 

Experienced teams

 Our multi-disciplinary team combines CRM expertise, long experience in multiple industries and global resources to help drive business change through CRM transformation. 

Why you can place your trust in us  

Why choose NTT DATA’s CRM practice to help with your business problems? 

As well as our skills and experience, we use a transparent approach that clarifies your knowledge of the solution and its challenges. 

We use a business-benefit consultancy led method, to ensure real business value is delivered. Proven with clients including the Department for Education, the Met Office and London Business School, our methodology focuses on improving ways of working, from strategy to execution. 

Clients we have helped ‘get to good’ and make the most of their CRMs 

Enjoying a smoother journey 

A major automotive manufacturer needed to improve its fragmented customer management systems and sales processes. NTT DATA created a Salesforce-based CRM solution for some 6,000 

users in showrooms and national offices in 21 countries and in four languages. Integrating multiple data systems, the central sales and marketing cloud solution meets local needs while standardising lead, sales, marketing and after-sales processes. 


Strategic technology partner 

We are one of only nine strategic partners for Microsoft’s launch of new AI and Chat Bot solutions  

NTT DATA specialises in CRM platforms from Microsoft and Salesforce. Such is our expertise that Microsoft has selected us as one of only nine organisations globally as a strategic partner for the launch of new AI and Chat Bot solutions. 

Your CRM should be making the lives of your staff and customers better, as well as improving the health of your business. Our experts will help you optimise the good and eliminate the bad, taking your CRM to the next level. 

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