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Are your business processes limiting your performance?

How Intelligent Automation can optimise your manual operations

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No progress with automation? Then expect to be overtaken

Organisations recognise they need to address their manual processes to stay competitive.Intelligent Automation is a powerful way to boost the performance of many business functions and enable staff to focus on more valuable work.

Yet many who have started their automation journey have failed to realise the benefits and scale across the organisation.

High investment

The traditional approach of buying licenses upfront, self-hosting and lengthy delivery approaches have given automation a poor reputation.

No business case

Typically the processes that are disliked the most, or are most complex, are given a priority for automation rather than the ones that will deliver the most business benefits.


In the rush to automate there is typically limited staff engagement and ownership of the automated operations.

This severely limits the ability to maintain the automated operations following new business or IT requirements.


Benefits of Intelligent Automation

NTT DATA uses its broad experience to help organisations realise the full range of benefits from Intelligent Automation.


  • Reduced operating costs that are less than a third of manual operations
  • 24/7 operations that can handle business growth and demand peaks
  • Reduced processing time from hours to minutes
  • Improved data accuracy and consistency
  • Reduced error rates and risk profile
  • Improved customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Increased security with a clear audit trail
  • Increased business resiliency



You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated.

Tom Preston-Werner Github Founder

Integrated Automation brought to life

NTT DATA can help you scale and sustain the benefits from automation. Automation is the bridge between the business and IT. Both must stay aligned to sustain the benefits. 

NTT DATA’s approach is to deliver automation integrated into a living business architecture that is owned and updated by both business and IT. This provides clarity on end-to-end processes, accelerates the identification of new opportunities and streamlines changes to the automated operations. 

Real-time collaboration 

Early engagement of the people who will be working with the automation is critical to avoid resistance and gain active support. NTT DATA’s approach is collaborative from the start with workshops where processes are captured and designed in real-time, and online access for rapid reviews, discussions and approvals. 

On Demand 

Automation needs to be agile and align with the business demand, however high upfront infrastructure costs and long-term license agreements can be constraints. NTT DATA enables agility and scale through an on-demand automation managed service from the cloud that is pay-as-you-use. 

Boost your performance with the right team 

Our multi-disciplinary team combines expertise of process simplification and automation with extensive experience of driving transformational change through technology in multiple industries. 

We bring an integrated approach to automation with our managed automation service. We provide managed digital workers to look after the current automated processes alongside agile teams to deliver new automations and benefits faster. 

All this with no expensive infrastructure and unlimited scalability on NTT DATA’s automation cloud. 

So whether you’re thinking about automation, or are already on your automation journey, NTT DATA is your trusted partner. 

Intelligent Automation combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with intelligent technologies to transform business operations and outcomes. 


Supporting your intelligent automation journey

We guide our clients on their automation journey from working with leadership to set the direction, through implementation, operation and optimisation. 

We help you use automation to enable people to do what they do best: create and innovate. 

Brochure - 10 min read

Are business processes limiting your performance?

How to power up agile across an organisation

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